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Deep Sea is a Purple Time Rift in A Hat in Time, located in Chapter 6, The Arctic Cruise. It is located in the first act, at the far end of the dock, behind the mafia fishing boat.

Unlock conditions[]

This time rift unlocks once all relics have been collected on the Arctic Cruise (completing the Relic "Cake Museum").



World Exit Cost Rift Pons Storybook Pages
1 0 - 1
2 2 3 2
3 2 3 (RC:6) 2
4 4 5 3
5 3 3 (RC:4) 1
6 - - 0
Total 14 (RC: 18) 9


The first world is made of pillars of sandy platforms decorated with barnacles and huge wooden treasure chests filled with gems and gold coins. There are no pons on this level.

The second world is a large island decorated with coral, with a few outer isles and floating stone castle ramparts. There are Owls which throw books as well as Lazy Paw Gang members near the cat-shaped rock on the lowest, smaller island. Two pons are found above the start, both above their own ghostly green castles. The last pon is at the top and is reached by using wall-jumps against a castle wall and the timed platforms.

The third world is mostly made up of various castles and ramparts scattered around different isles. There are Mad Crows and Shock Squid on this level, which are in the center of the map near the exit. One golden pon is on a floating island near the top which can only be reached with the hookshot after navigating a castle rampart with fire spouts and seas urchins. One pon is at the top of a castle tower within a ghostly green roof. The last pon is within a castle past the spinning stone platforms covered with red sea urchins.

The fourth world has half of a large sunken shipwreck with multiple tightropes connected to it and a lamp that can be used as a hookshot point at its prow. The exit is right next to the shipwreck. Two pons are found out in the floating wooden debris, one in a breakable crate, the other on a tiny island. One pon is found to the left of the start, on a stone pillar with the Shock Squid, while another pon is tucked in a space between rocks on the opposite stone pillar. The shipwreck has a chest hidden inside which holds a pon.

The fifth world is distinctive in that it is almost completely covered in lava and/or fire, and has a reddish tint. The exit is found near the beginning on a stone bridge between castle towers (can be reached by wall-jumping in center or by hookshot to right). This world has some of the trickiest pons to acquire. One golden pon is past the spinning staricases, on top of a purple castle tower. One pon is at the top of a stone pillar, after wall-jumping between a purple wall and ghostly green wall. The third pon is found at the top of a tower, reached from a series of spinning ramparts.

The rift itself which needs to be broken is found in the center of of a sandy island with an enormous open treasure chest full of golden coins that resemble rift tokens and jewels.


This entire level is located deep underwater, and although it largely lacks enemies, there is some difficult platforming required that is made even harder with added obstacles that damage health such as huge pointed sea urchins and spouts of fire. This time rift requires use of the Dwellers Mask and the hookshot badge to reach all locations. The Ice Hat allows use of shortcuts, and use of the Time Stop Hat is recommended for areas with moving platforms. The "Fast Hatter" badge is recommended for Dwellers Mask (or Time Stop Hat) platforming, while the "Magnet Badge" can help in getting some of the pons that are floating above the void, and the "No Bonk" badge is helpful with all the wall-jumping required to not fall into the void.

Storybook Pages[]

  • World 1: The storybook page is located on a floating red-orange seastar behind the pillars.
  • World 2: There are two storybook pages in this world:
    1. Inside the small sandcastle near the start.
    2. Above the floating purple castle, against the wall between some orange sea urchins.
  • World 3: There are two storybook pages in this world:
    1. Within a castle to the right of the start, above a timed platform.
    2. Past the spinning stone platforms, use the hookshot point to fling to the roof of the castle holding a golden pon. Open the treasure chest to get the page.
  • World 4: There are three storybook pages in this world:
    1. There is a hidden castle hidden behind one of the tall stone pillars on the main island (reached by sneaking around the edge or using the hookshot on a hanging lamp on the rock). The page is in a chest.
    2. On a platform below the Shock Squid, surrounded by red sea urchins.
    3. Out in the floating debris, over a timed platform.
  • World 5: The storybook page is located on a floating red seastar next to the lava falls close to the exit.

After collecting the time piece within the rift, any storybook pages collected will be revealed in order, showing Lost At Sea. It tells the story of the Walrus Captain, his relationship with his mentor, and how his mentor's demise would turn his life upside down.

Rift Collapse[]

This is the final rift collapse in Death Wish Mode.

As with all Rift Collapse versions of Time Rifts, while most of the map layout remains the same there are some distinct differences such at it being entirely mirrored from the original setup. Additionally, there are no storybook pages available and some worlds have a different amount of pons to collect (differences in pons amounts have been listed as "RC" in the collectibles table above).


  • This time rift gives the Mirror Badge as a reward, which can flip everything around when equipped. This seems to relate to how most of the Rift Collapse Death Wishes use a mirrored map.
  • This is one of the largest Time Rift maps. In Death Wish mode, it has over double the amount of time given to complete it compared to the others.