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"Time you saw what I'm really capable of, kid. Say goodbye to that little head of yours!"
The Snatcher, Your Contract has Expired / Breaching The Contract / Quality Time With Snatcher

Death Wish mode is a challenge mode that is added with the Seal the Deal DLC which has released on September 13th, 2018. It features 111 hard-as-peck challenges (114 with the Nyakuza Metro (DLC)) and give many different customization rewards, including newly introduced outfits.


A completed map of Death Wish Mode (including content from the Nyakuza Metro DLC)

Snatcher has a list of 111 (114 with the Nyakuza Metro (DLC)) challenges for Hat Kid to take on. At first only one will be available, but more will unlock as you complete more challenges.

To Unlock Death Wish mode you must obtain 27 different Time Pieces; One of those 27 MUST be Your Contract has Expired.

Each challenge has three objectives, the main one and two bonus goals. For each one you beat you get a Death Wish Token.

Some challenges will have a silhouette in the left corner, indicating that there is a reward for beating it. To get the reward you only have to beat the main challenge, and do not need to complete the bonus challenges. To collect the reward talk to the Snatcher again and select the completed mission on the Death Wish list.

If Hat Kid completes all 111/114 Death Wishes, Snatcher will then be in complete shock and holds a grudge that Hat Kid is still alive. Believing that she'll bother him. Snatcher will then realize that he or anybody can't always get what they want. Hat Kid will ask for an award and Snatcher will tell her that she did have the feeling that she achieved something and she earned it.

Peace And Tranquility

"No one is around to help. Life is hard, life is stressful. I need peace and tranquility. I don't have to prove myself to anyone."
—The Player

Once you die enough times attempting a Death Wish challenge, you will be asked to enable Peace and Tranquility mode. By paying a certain number of Pons, the difficulty of the challenge will be lowered. An example would be that the infamous 10 Seconds Until Self-Destruct would start at 30 seconds instead of the aforementioned 10 and that the clocks that would add 20 seconds to the timer would now add 40 seconds. Viewing the contract in your start menu would change the contract from a "Death Wish" into a "Nice Wish". In Peace and Tranquility mode, you get a stamp of dishonor on the map, but this can be remedied by tearing up the contract and doing the challenges normally. You can use the developer console on Peace and Tranquility mode (and on every candle except Zero Jumps) and you only have to complete the main objective to full clear a challenge (except Community Rifts, for some reason). Completing the challenges in Peace and Tranquility mode does count toward the achievements.


DW Stamp.png Stage Remixes

Image Challenge Name Objectives Reward
Beat the heat.png Beat the Heat
  • Turn off all of the lava faucets

*It's much hotter than usual, cool yourself off!

  • Bonus 1: Don't get too hot!
  • Bonus 2: Don't cool down more than 2 times!
Virtual Kid .png
Virtual Kid Costume
So your back from outer space.png So You're Back From Outer Space
  • Reach the Time Piece

*Mafia saw spaceship!!

  • Bonus 1: Smash all the 7 UFOs
  • Bonus 2: Reach the end in less than 80 seconds
Mafia jumps.png Mafia's Jumps
  • Bonus 1: Complete in 11 jumps
  • Bonus 2: Complete in 7 jumps
Collect-a-Thon.png Collect-a-thon
  • Simply collect 100 Pons

*Your progress drains over time

  • Bonus 1: Don't pick up more than 200 Pons in total
  • Bonus 2: Don't break any crates or barrels
She speedran from outer space.png She Speedran from Outerspace None
Vault codes in the wind.png Vault Codes in the Wind
  • Open the Golden Vault

*You have only 30 seconds to collect each Vault Code

  • Bonus 1: Don't slow the flow of time
  • Bonus 2: Find time to defeat 10 Mafia
Raincoat DW.png
Raincoat Costume
Encore! Encore!.png Encore! Encore!

*He's all charged up!

  • Bonus 1: Don't miss your cue to attack
  • Bonus 2: With One-Hit Hero equipped
Brewing Hat chiefhat.png
Hat Flair for Brewing Hat
Security Breach.png Security Breach

*Security has been upped, significantly

  • Bonus 1: Complete with less than 200,000 Pons in fees
  • Bonus 2: Complete without getting caught
10 seconds until self-destruct.png 10 Seconds Until Self-Destruct

*The Owl Express is way behind schedule

  • Bonus 1: Collect all the 9 Conductor Tokens
  • Bonus 2: No hat abilities, One-Hit Hero equipped
The great big hootenanny.png The Great Big Hootenanny

*It looks like you've gained quite a following

  • Bonus 1: Don't get hit by the Express Band
  • Bonus 2: Don't let any DJ Grooves tokens expire
Killing two birds.png Killing Two Birds
  • Defeat both directors

*This next project is a collaboration...

  • Bonus 1: Win with more than 100 seconds left on the clock
  • Bonus 2: Only attack one director until the very end
Parade Costume DW.png
Parade Outfit
Speedrun well.png Speedrun Well
  • Clear Subcon Well in 2:00 or less
  • Bonus 1: Clear in 1:40 or less
  • Bonus 2: Clear in 1:25 or less
Boss rush.png Boss Rush
  • Down with the Mafia (and Everyone Else)!

*No healing between fights!

*You can retry from last checkpoint 3 times

  • Bonus 1: Don't miss any chance to hit
  • Bonus 2: Win with One-Hit Hero equipped
Camera Badge.pngNani?! Camera Filter
Quality time with snatcher.png Quality Time with Snatcher

*This time, no blue potions!

  • Bonus 1: Survive for 4 minutes
  • Bonus 2: Survive for 6 minutes
Breaching the contract.png Breaching the Contract
  • Defeat The Snatcher

*I'm even more handsome than usual!

  • Bonus 1: Don't let drop your health to 1 HP
  • Bonus 2: Don't hit me with your umbrella! It's rude!
Witch Costume.png
Witch costume
Bird sanctuary.png Bird Sanctuary

*Hurting birds is not allowed!

  • Bonus 1: With One-Hit Hero equipped
  • Bonus 2: Defeat 6 hidden Mafia
Wound up-windmill.png Wound-Up Windmill

*The Windmill is operating at "peak" performance

  • Bonus 1: No hat abilities, One-Hit Hero equipped
  • Bonus 2: Reach the end in 4 minutes
The illness has speedrun.png The Illness Has Speedrun Transcendent.png
The mustache gauntlet.png The Mustache Gauntlet
  • Defeat all the 99 Bad Guys (enemies)

*You have 3 chances

  • Bonus 1: Don't get burned
  • Bonus 2: Don't use any projectile weapons
Ice Hat knighthelm.png
Hat Flair for Ice Hat
No more bad guys.png No More Bad Guys

*She stole a bunch of those weird Time Pieces

  • Bonus 1: Don't use any of your stupid hats!
  • Bonus 2: Don't spend more than 3 minutes in the hyper zone!
24 Karat Kid.png
24 Karat Kid costume
Cruisin' for a Bruisin'.png Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
  • Complete 40 tasks

*There's no end in sight

  • Bonus 1: Complete 40 tasks without missing one
  • Bonus 2: Complete 70 tasks
Sprint Hat captinshat.png
Hat Flair for Sprint Hat
Seal the Deal.png Seal the Deal
  • Defeat your strongest foes

*Good luck!

*You have 3 chances

  • Bonus 1: Don't use any hat abilities
  • Bonus 2: Don't let drop your health to 1 HP
Shadow Puppet DW.png
Shadow Puppet

DW Stamp.png Rift Collapse

Image Challenge Name Objectives Reward
Rift collapse- Mafia of cooks.png Rift Collapse: Mafia of Cooks

*The Time Rift has become unstable!

  • Bonus 1: Escape with 30 seconds to spare
  • Bonus 2: Collect every Rift Pon
Sprint Hat hairribbon.png
Hat Flair for Sprint Hat
Rift Collapse- Dead Bird Studio.png Rift Collapse: Dead Bird Studio

*The Time Rift has become unstable!

  • Bonus 1: Escape with 30 seconds to spare
  • Bonus 2: Collect every Rift Pon
Rift Collapse-Sleepy Subcon.png Rift Collapse: Sleepy Subcon

*The Time Rift has become unstable!

  • Bonus 1: Escape with 30 seconds to spare
  • Bonus 2: Collect every Rift Pon
Rift Collapse-Alpine Skyline.png Rift Collapse: Alpine Skyline

*The Time Rift has become unstable!

  • Bonus 1: Escape with 30 seconds to spare
  • Bonus 2: Collect every Rift Pon
Rift Collapse Deep Sea.png Rift Collapse: Deep Sea

*The Time Rift has become unstable!

  • Bonus 1: Escape with 30 seconds to spare
  • Bonus 2: Collect every Rift Pon
Mirror Badge.png
Mirror Badge

DW Stamp.png Community Maps

Image Challenge Name Objectives Reward
Community rift- rhythm jump studio.png Community Map: Rhythm Jump Studio
  • Complete the Time Rift

*Contributed by Lane "FlameLFH" Haskins

Community rift- twilight travels.png Community Map: Twilight Travels
  • Complete the Time Rift

*Contributed by Eric "Jak" Ridge

Community rift- the mountain rift.png Community Map: The Mountain Rift
  • Complete the Time Rift

*Contributed by Devan "Mr. Brawls" Miller


DW Candle.gif Candles

Unlike the other challenges, these goals are for completing outside of Death Wish. They still count towards the Death Wish challenge total.

Challenge Name Objectives Reward Unlock
Snatcher's Hit List
  • Kill 5 Mafia without getting punched

*They've got you all figured out!

  • Bonus 1: Kill 10 Alpine Pompous Crows without getting bullied
  • Bonus 2: Kill every type of enemy
None Complete Beat the Heat
Snatcher Coins in Mafia Town
  • Find a Snatcher Coin in Mafia Town
  • Bonus 1: Find 2 Snatcher Coins
  • Bonus 2: Find all 3 Snatcher Coins
Cardboard Dye
Complete So You're Back From Outer Space
Snatcher Coins in Battle of the Birds
  • Find a Snatcher Coin in Battle of the Birds
  • Bonus 1: Find 2 Snatcher Coins
  • Bonus 2: Find all 3 Snatcher Coins
Detective Outfit DW.png
Detective Outfit
Complete The Great Big Hootenanny
Zero Jumps
  • Collect any time piece without jumping

*You jump, you die!

  • Bonus 1: Collect 4 time pieces without jumping
  • Bonus 2: Clear Train Rush without jumping
Nostalgia Badge.png
Nostalgia Badge
Complete Rift Collapse: Dead Bird Studio
Snatcher Coins in Subcon Forest
  • Find a Snatcher Coin in Subcon Forest
  • Bonus 1: Find 2 Snatcher Coins
  • Bonus 2: Find all 3 Snatcher Coins
The Queen's Dress.png
The Queen's Dress Costume
Complete Rift Collapse: Sleepy Subcon
Snatcher Coins in Alpine Skyline
  • Find a Snatcher Coin in Alpine Skyline
  • Bonus 1: Find 2 Snatcher Coins
  • Bonus 2: Find all 3 Snatcher Coins
Hiking Shorts.png
Hiking Shorts Costume
Complete Bird Sanctuary
Camera Tourist*
  • Snap a picture of 8 different enemies
  • Bonus 1: Snap a single picture with 3 different enemies in it
  • Bonus 2: Snap a picture of every boss
Camera Badge.png
Movie Poster Camera Filter
Complete Rift Collapse: Alpine Skyline
Snatcher Coins in Nyakuza Metro
  • Find a Snatcher Coin in Nyakuza Metro
  • Bonus 1: Find 2 Snatcher Coins
  • Bonus 2: Find all 3 Snatcher Coins

Including with Nyakuza Metro (DLC)

None Complete Killing Two Birds

Earn 30 Death Wish stamps

* Camera Tourist is not available in the Switch version, bringing down the total amount of stamps to 108 (111 with Nyakuza Metro (DLC))


Below is the list of achievements related to this mode;

Image Name Description Hints
Achievement32.jpg Prepare to Die Clear All Objectives In a Single Death Wish! All three objectives can be completed over multiple attempts.
Achievement33.jpg Punished Kid Obtain 50 Death Wish Stamps! -
Achievement34.jpg I Refuse To Die! Obtain All Death Wish Stamps! Obtain all 111 stamps (114 stamps for Nyakuza Metro (DLC)); All levels can be completed in Peace and Tranquility and will still give the achievement.



  • The big differences between the Death Wish and normal stage splash screens is that the former has heavy purple undertones, features Snatcher in almost all of them in some way (even as far as to replace the Hat Kid in Security Breach) and in one of them the Hat Kid looks more scared or worried than happy (The Great Big Hootenanny).
  • The Snatcher has an idle dialogue line where he states that an unknown woman was "like dynamite with a laser beam," which is a reference to the Queen song Killer Queen. It is likely that he is referring to Queen Vanessa, considering the name of the song and his history with her.
  • Rift Collapses are inspired by Wario Land 4.
  • If the player dies more than 12 times on a single Death Wish, then their death count starts displaying the number of times died next to a single soul.
  • The Peace and Tranquility menu is a reference to a meme created after an error message that appears in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the message being "No one's around to help.".
  • Sometimes, when asking if the player wants to activate Peace and Tranquility, the message instead offers "Trees and Pranquility", or "Peas in the Trees".
  • One of Snatchers voice lines involves him talking about a "Luigi" you can unlock after beating every death wish on the first try, saying it's genuine since he read it online. This is a reference to the "L is real 2401" rumor from Super Mario 64.
  • In the cutscene when Snatcher tells Hat Kid about Death Wish mode, he says, "These aren't your average everyday contracts, these are advanced contracts", which is likely a reference to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Rock Bottom."