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Dead Bird Studio is a Time Rift found in the Dead Bird Studio (Act) of the Chapter 2: Battle of the Birds. It is located inside the studio past the second filming stage (with large number of cameras and cowboys on the stage) on left roof of the building that is on the bridge. It appears when the second Relic has been crafted.



World Exit Cost Rift Pons Storybook Pages
1 0 - 1
2 3 4 (RC: 5) 2
3 4 6 (RC: 5) 3
4 4 5 1
5 - - 1
Total 15 8


The first world of this time rift starts at the end of 3 floating metal red-edged platforms that lead to a tall stack of crates decorated with the Dead Bird emblem and a few movie props. The exit from this world is at the top of the stacked crates. There are no pons on this level.

The second world consists mostly of a central bridge made of a long metal grate connected to thin concrete pillars, with a huge spinning waterwheel within a metal cage generating electricity. The first golden pon is on a large pipe connected to the wheel. A pon is at on top of an electircal wire connected to a smaller, broken floating metal bridge. From that bridge another pon can be seen against the concrete building, on top of a ventilation shaft. The exit is found on the large square building opposite from the wheel, connected to three electric wires that each lead to two concrete pillars that have a golden pon and a storybook page on top, respectively.

The third world is a large concrete platform almost completely covered in huge stacks of wooden crates and movie props. Cameras putting out red light are found here, which must be avoided. The exit is found on a broken slab of concrete found at the back of the area, about halfway up the stacked crates. There are two golden pons at ground level, one tucked into a nook in the crates, behind one active camera, while the other is on a floating purple speaker reached by using the Ice Hat platform. There are two more pons after climbing about halfway up the crates in this world, one that is hidden in a crate tha can be broken by the Brewing Hat, while the other is behind the exit following a line of four sandbags. One golden pon is held by a crane claw near the top behind two active cameras.

The fourth world sits on top of many large metal tiles falling apart, which has scaffolding covered in tarps, metal beams, and a crane. The exit is found at the very top of the central scaffolding next to the crane. Along with the cameras from the previous world, there are also patrolling Owls here, and any cone of red light must be avoided. There are also 4 floor switches (can be found at the end of each thin red wire) that must be stepped on until they all glow green, which will allow Hat Kid to access the exit. One pon is directly ahead of the start, in a hole in the floor missing a tile, while another at ground level is on a far broken-off tile next to a switch. There are 2 pons in the central scaffolding tower, one at the first entry point and one halfway up under a tarp. The fifth pon is on scaffolding reached from a ghostly green platform requiring a Dweller Mask.

After completing the four worlds, the time rift which needs to be broken is found past the broken glass of a studio, resting on a fallen wooden beam to the left.

Storybook Pages[]

  • World 1: The storybook page is hidden behind a cutout of a blue globe, on the level of stacked crates right below the exit.
  • World 2: There are two storybook pages in this world:
    1. Found on top of a concrete pillar connected to the two electric wires.
    2. The other is just to the right of the exit, next to some red boxes.
  • World 3: There are three storybook pages in this world:
    1. At ground floor, between the Ice Hat platform and a large green lava lamp.
    2. On top of a (relatively) short stack of crates just ahead and above from the start. Can be reached with a criss-cross wall-jump from the ground behind it.
    3. Halfway up, there is a long green tarp over a stack of crates with footprints on it. At the bottom of the tarp is a nook where it is.
  • World 4: The storybook page is located directly ahead of the start, on one of the tiles breaking off.
  • World 5: The storybook page is on the ledge up to the right.

After collecting the time piece within the rift, any storybook pages collected will be revealed in order, showing Conductor and Groove's Big Dreams. This tells the story of The Conductor and DJ Grooves, from their youthful inspirations to pursue movie-making careers to their chance encounter that would make them rivals.

Rift Collapse[]

This time rift becomes unstable in Death Wish Mode.

As with all Rift Collapse versions of Time Rifts, while most of the map layout remains the same there are some distinct differences, such as additional platforms, a different starting point, or completely mirroring certain worlds (or all) of the level. Notably, there are no storybook pages available and some worlds have a different amount of pons to collect (differences in pons amounts have been listed as "RC" in the collectibles table above).