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Dead Bird Studio is the second major location in A Hat in Time. Unlike other areas which are self-contained hubs, Battle of the Birds includes many areas within the chapter, such as Dead Bird Studio and The Owl Express.

Within the studio features two movie directors, the Conductor and DJ Grooves, and their competition for the Annual Bird Movie Awards. The place is a large studio with everyone, except Hat Kid, being a bird. In the studio itself, most of the birds are owls. It contains many stages which all appear to be a Western movie set or a dance studio.


Not much is known about the Dead Bird Studio or the world outside the studio. It is inhabited by birds only. The start of the studio comes from the dream Conductor and DJ Grooves had as children to make a great movie after watching a show in television. They both worked hard to achieve their dream, but both were scammed to each having keys to same building. However, it sparked competition between each other to make the best movies they can. Since then, the Conductor has won all Annual Bird Movie Awards except for one, the 42nd award, which was claimed by DJ Grooves. The number of the award given at the end of the chapter isn't clearly stated.


Dead Bird Studio is made up of the following:

Front Desk[]

Front Desk is the starting place of Dead Bird Studio. It contains Front Desk, two passages leading to stages, trophy stands, and birds. The bird in the front desk will tell Hat Kid to not trespass the stages as stages are filming.

Filming Stages[]

Filming Stages is the area Hat Kid goes through in order to progress the Dead Bird Studio (Act 1). It contains DJ Grooves appearing on a director's chair in front of many different stages and the Conductor directing Western movies. It also has many birds on watch for trespassers, and if Hat Kid gets caught in their eyes, she has to restart from the last checkpoint.


The Basement is a place deep within and below the Dead Bird Studio, where, in the end, one of the movie directors appears as the boss at the end of the chapter.


  • While the Battle of the Birds was still Trainwreck of Science Dead Bird studio was Actually Train Station called "Dead Bird Station"
  • According to the storybook "Conductor and Grooves' big dreams" this is Dead Bird Studio One, implying that there are other studios.