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Curly Tail Trail is a Time Rift in A Hat in Time, located in Chapter 4, Alpine Skyline. It is located at the top of one of the villages of the Lazy Paw Gang.

The Level

As the second of the two Chapter 4 Time Rifts, Curly Tail Trail's Time Rift is one of the most difficult out of all in-game. Though the platforming in this Rift is some of the least challenging, it is more than made up by the copious amounts of enemies that are placed throughout the level. The Ice Hat is required to completing this level.

Unlike most other Rifts, Curly Tail Trail brings one of the most annoying gimmicks in the form of many Lazy Paw Gang members placed throughout the level. Though this may seem minor, the difficult aspects of combating a single member is put to the extreme with the tighter corridor-fashion of the level itself and the ambient effects that surround the level makes spotting an invisible member very difficult until it has revealed itself in order to attack.

The level begins with a simple walljump upwards into a seemingly empty corridor ending with an Ice Hat paddle. There is however a lone Lazy Paw Gang member next to the paddle, making its encounter very high. Since there is not much room to combat it, the best option would seemingly be to ignore the attacker and escape. The issue is that being attacked or at the very least pushed will likely lead to damage from the fall into the pit as well, potentially leaving the player crippled and even worse without their Hat.

The Ice Hat paddle transfers the player to a set of four blocks leading to the lone checkpoint of the level. Here, the obnoxious nature of placing Lazy Paw Gang members comes to light, as three of the four square starcases contain one member of its own to potentially knock the player down to the prior step, to a pit and possibly without abilities. Reaching the checkpoint, even if it means leaving your hat behind temporarily, is a must.

For the final stretch of the level, the player must stand upon a large gear platform as many doors open up and let loose several Lazy Paw Gang members to beat up and hamper the player. Though they all can be defeated, it is not necessary and can be treated as a survival round as much as a combat round. Waiting after the doors have opened leads the rest of the platforms behind the boxes to lower, allowing the player to progress to the Time Piece.

An interesting exploit to the final section is to wait on top of any of the boxes as the doors are opened and the platforms are lowered, effectively eliminating the need for intense combat all together. Preferably, the right box is the safest as it is the furthest from the left door which always opens first to avoid the resulting member from attacking you.