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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

"Mafia just help you build character!"
Mafia Goon bullying a Coffee Clerk.

The Coffee Clerk is a type of human that appears in Mafia Town. He's commonly found being bullied by Mafia Goons, or working at Mafia Town's Seaside Spaghetti.


The Coffee Clerk wears a white polo shirt with a green apron over it. The apron has a red circle with a coffee cup design on it. He has large black glasses perched atop a rounded nose. He is balding, and has white hair.

He is commonly seen either cowering in fear, or rocking back and forth with his hands behind his back.


The Coffee Clerk can usually be found surrounded by a group of Mafia Goons, all kicking up dirt at him. If Hat Kid defeats all the Mafia Goons bullying him, he will jump in joy, and drop several items. What he drops varies by location.

Location Image Goods
Below the Construction site
Screenshot 20180507-180715 01
3-Pons and one Yarn
Next to Mafia Boat
Screenshot 20180507-180756 01
11-Pons and one heart pon
Above the Seaside Spaghetti
Screenshot 20180507-182309 01
3-Pons and one Yarn

Note: Certain goods dropped, such as yarn, only drop upon rescuing the Coffee Clerk for the first time.



  • A Coffee Clerk originally would have had a side mission, where Hat Kid would need to collect birds. This Coffee Clerk is present in some early builds, but cannot be talked to. However, the Birds for this mission actually are loaded into the level and can be collected using console commands
  • In an early act, a Coffee Clerk would be attacked by some Mafia Goons. Hat Kid would have needed to coat herself in a stench from a nearby dumpster to gain access to the interior of Seaside Spaghetti, where he would presumably have been saved.
  • An unused design for a Fire Spirit painting depicts a Coffee Clerk.