Breaching the Contract is a challenge in Death Wish Mode and is the third EX boss fight. In it, you have to face an even more handsome than before (harder) Snatcher.


Main Challenge

As stated before, in this Death Wish you must face the Snatcher again, but much more difficult. One of the main and most noticeable changes to this fight is that when Snatcher does his purple beam attack, a shockwave will shoot out of it. Because of some of his attacks, this can cause the battle to get extremely chaotic and nearly impossible to dodge. Attacks also overlap each other more, adding to the chaos.

Bonus Challenges

The first bonus requires the player to be careful and pay attention much more when dodging attacks, as the player loses the ability to let their HP drop to one. The other increases difficulty by eliminating a method of attack to the Snatcher. (Plus, using the umbrella will usually give a heart pon to Hat Kid, while using potions has a lower chance of doing this.)


  • Sometimes, a glitch will occur where the Snatcher becomes invisible. He will still attack, but he just isn't visible. To undo this glitch, either hit him, or use the camera badge.
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