Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Bow Kid is the second player character who was added in the Co-Op DLC on September 13, 2018. Her name was confirmed by A Hat in Time's twitter.[1]


  • When entering a mission with Bow Kid, the mission splash screen will have a small picture of her in top right corner. Some of these pictures are used in multiple acts while others are used for only one.
  • As of the Nyauza Metro DLC release, players can play through the entire game as Bow Kid. If they have completed the game as Hat Kid and downloaded the Seal The Deal and Nyakuza Metro DLC, they can choose to start a new save file as Bow Kid.
  • Bow Kid may be famous in Nyakuza Metro, as there is a small stand that appears to be selling her merchandise. This may be some sort of joke though.


  1. @HatInTime (25 August 2018) "No one would be more suited to join Hat Kid then.... 🎀 Bow Kid! 🎀" (Tweet) – via Twitter