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Bow Kid is the second player character of A Hat in Time, working alongside Hat Kid to collect the Time Pieces and restore power to the spaceship to return home.

Bow Kid was added in the Co-Op DLC on September 13, 2018. Her name was confirmed by A Hat in Time's Twitter[1], and in-game when finishing it for the first time: when creating a new save file the option 'Yes, as Bow Kid" will appear if the player has downloaded both the Seal the Deal and Nyakuza Metro DLCs.



Bow Kid appears as a humanoid alien child who has a darker skin tone and deeper brown hair than Hat Kid, as well as having purple eyes. She wears a green button-up coat and white undershirt, a blue skirt, and black boots with blue trim.

Similar to Hat Kid, she is able to wear many kinds of Hats throughout her adventure, though her default hat is her large blue bow, which functions exactly like Hat Kid's large purple Hat. She is able to use any hats that Hat Kid has already unlocked when playing in Co-Op Mode excluding any flairs that contain Hat Kid's top hat.

Her voice lines are the same as Hat Kid's but pitch-shifted downward slightly, giving her a lower tone overall.


Given the way she was implemented to the game, Bow Kid is very similar in terms of personality to Hat Kid, being an often energetic, childish, and sometimes mischievous protagonist.



  • Likely due to originally only being the Co-Op character, Bow Kid is missing several expressions used in cutscenes and will resort to either using Hat Kid's expressions, or her idle smiling face.
  • During the cutscene at the end of the game, Bow Kid still flicks her hat despite not wearing one.
    • Similarly, at the beginning of the game, sound effects play for Hat Kid's hat slowly landing on her head, when that doesn't happen.
  • In the render posted to the official a Hat in Time twitter account, Bow Kid's umbrella has stars on it, while in-game, it has moons.[1]
  • If the player plays on a Bow Kid save file, all symbols and mentions of Hat Kid will remain. Ex: Intro cutscene with Hat Kid's icon on the screen, every character will refer to her as Hat Kid, etc.
  • When Dead Bird Studio is played through on a Bow Kid save file, the picture Grooves takes will be of Hat Kid, but will appear as Bow Kid on the actual save file icon.
  • Many hats do not properly fit Bow Kid, as they were originally modelled for Hat Kid. Ex: Nyakuza mask floating off her face, Nyakuza sprint cap clipping with her hair.
  • Bow Kid was not originally affected by dyes upon her release. However with the release of Nyakuza Metro and online party, her outfit is now dyeable, though her hair is still unaffected.
  • In the Vanessa's Curse CDLC, when cursed, the soul that orbits the player's gravestone will still appear as a Hat Kid soul.


  • When entering a mission with Bow Kid, the mission splash screen will have a small picture of her in the top right corner. Some of these pictures are used in multiple acts while others are used for only one.
  • As of the Nyakuza Metro DLC release, players can play through the entire game as Bow Kid. If they have completed the game as Hat Kid and downloaded the Seal The Deal and Nyakuza Metro DLC, they can choose to start a new save file as Bow Kid.
  • Bow Kid seems to have an affiliation with cats, wearing multiple cat symbols on her clothes, drawing an image of a cat winking after signing her name on Snatcher's contracts, as well as a similar drawing near her "featuring me!" stickers that appear on level loading art.
  • Bow Kid may be famous in Nyakuza Metro, as there are several small stands with what appear to be Bow Kid related magazines, and have her cat emblem on them. This is also the only appearance of Bow Kid in the main game if playing a single player Hat Kid save file without any mods installed.
  • In Picture Perfect, whenever a moon penguin takes the player's picture a doodle of Bow Kid will be in the corner if co-op is activated, or if you are playing on a Bow Kid save file.
  • In the Vanessa's Curse DLC, a single Bow Kid is present on both team's victory screens.