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Boss Rush is a challenge in Death Wish Mode. Like the title suggests, you have to face all 5 bosses, with no healing in between!


Main Challenge[]

As stated before, in this Death Wish, you must fight all of the non-EX bosses (Mafia Boss. DJ Grooves/The Conductor, Toilet of Doom, The Snatcher, and Mustache Girl) in the game. This can be a hard task to achieve, especially without healing between fights. However, it is still possible to heal with the Heart Pons occasionally dropped during boss fights.

Bonus Challenges[]

The first bonus adds to the Death Wish's difficulty by requiring the player to hit the boss they are fighting every time they are vulnerable. This forces the player to have quick reflexes so this bonus can be achieved.

The second bonus makes this Death Wish harder by making Hat Kid die in a single hit.

Peace and Tranquility[]

Pon Cost: Pons x77

Peace and Tranquility for this level can be enabled to make the level easier after a few deaths from the player. Enabling Peace and Tranquility will provide you with regular healing. Like for all Death Wishes with Peace and Tranquility, simply completing the level will give you all three stamps.