• Senor Hoovy

    Hey, everyone. I've been looking for the song that plays during Act 3 of artic cruise. Specificly, the song that plays after Hat Kid crashes the boat and needs to rescue everyone. Can anyone help me here?

    EDIT: nevermind boys, found it

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  • I'm From the Future


    This is a theory btw.

    So something that always bothered me was the complete lack of explination for queen V's tranformation. I mean we see that if started when she had incredibly negative emotions, but that shouldn't turn you into a... this. But I think I figured it out. Also this is my first blog so support would be nice.

    So in Alpine skyline there are strange purple flowers that harness and apmlify bad emotions. And you just might notice the that the prince gets purple flowers. And look at the amount of similarities here.

    If you're wondering why V's transformation is so much more drastic, 1) the goats got 1 flower each, V got a whole batch thown at her, and 2) V had very negitive emotions from the start.

    I'm sorry this was s…

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  • PinknWhiteBat12

    The Voicelines

    April 22, 2018 by PinknWhiteBat12

    Should we add them to the character's page?

    Like put the Snatcher's voicelines in his page? The train Conductor? Hat Kid? The Crows? Vanessa?

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  • EtirelyApper

    Now, it is a common theory that the Snatcher is Queen Vanessa's prince, but before we get into that.


    I am sorry if I am spelling it wrong but it could be either Venessa or Vanessa, I myself not sure of the canon spelling (for I have never acually played the game) and I am far to lazy to look up such a minor detail. So I will be using VANESSA.

    Okay, okay, now on to the actual theory, is the Snatcher Queen Vanessa's prince? Most of you reading this would think yes, and I wouldn't blame you, it is a very excepted theory in the fandom from what I have seen and in itself plausible.


    It is a little far fetched, but hear me out before you immediatly click off this tab! I will try my best to say both sides of the…

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  • PinknWhiteBat12

    Found the offical manual for tha game:

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  • Legofan9o5

    An Odd Picture

    December 30, 2017 by Legofan9o5

    I thought using Discussions would be hip. Then I recognized even the most dedicated wikias don't even care about it when Forums are still all the rage.

    So here's a reiteration in this blog: This photo is anamolous in that the graffiti in it dissolved after the picture was taken and would not return after going back to hub, furthermore it wouldn't return after turning off the game or even restarting the computer. I'm still looking into if any other such graffiti would accomplish such events, but the assumption some of the imagery in Subcon would react proved to be false. Odd given it would fit that area's theme, but I digress. 

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  • WolfGirlsClan
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  • WolfGirlsClan

    Hello everyone

    December 23, 2017 by WolfGirlsClan

    Hey there, my name is WGC, childish username cringe and I would like to say that I am joining this wikia. So I have recently bought this game and I am already in love with it. So since I am a lot definently not addicted on wikia why not look for something like this?

    Do however keep in mind that I have not played the full game yet, but once im done I will definently be active here. Anyways. See ya

    boi 09:50, December 23, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Middynighty

    I have really been interested in the secret for a long time, yet I cant translate it.

    When A Hat In Time was first released, the crator of the game made a new YouTube account (which will be linked at the end of this post)

    This account showed creepy A Hat In Time videos, mostly showing the main character standing in one place near a item and a message appearing on the screen sometimes, along with a secret message in the description of the video as well. however I can not translate it since I have no idea what language it is.

    There is a secret similar to this, however instead of it being outside of the game, it was hidden right under our backs.

    In a specific closet in a specific chapter (forgot which one) You had to use No-Clip to clip inside th…

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  • GentleIce

    To make sure as many people as possible know, A Hat in Time is being released for Xbox One and Playstation 4 on December 6th, 2017.

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  • GentleIce

    So I just saw Metalreflectslime's comment on Welcome to Mafia Town about how the title cards for each act should be consistent, asking to add them to all have the words on them. I'd actually like to make a case for them without words, so this post is for all of us to know what's going on and we can decide what's best for the wiki.

    Here's the thing; I uploaded most of the pictures for the acts, both with and without words. But the ones with words are just screen caps, and thus have low quality. The ones without words are the ones I'd prefer because they're high quality and originating from A Hat in Time's twitter account.

    There is a problem with the wordless ones, though, which is Gears for Breakfast hasn't released all of the clean images, s…

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  • Justbeho

    100 PAGES!!!

    October 29, 2017 by Justbeho
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  • SuperGamer675


    October 26, 2017 by SuperGamer675

    Hi, I am SuperGamer 675, a fan of Thousand Year Door, and I just joined this wiki to add info and stuff to pages.

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  • Metalreflectslime

    Pages to Polish

    October 24, 2017 by Metalreflectslime

    For the infobox picture, we need a picture with words for: Chapter 1, Act 1, 3, 5, 6 Chapter 2, All acts Chapters 3-5.

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  • Justbeho

    Admin Title

    October 24, 2017 by Justbeho

    As of currently, both User:GentleIce and I, User:Justbeho have been working for this community, and are looking forward to continue to doing so. However, as just a member of the wiki, we lack the power to establish many things such as deleting pages, and editing certain parts of wiki without having admin power. So I and GentleIce are going to make a vote on this issue:

    Justbeho and GentleIce should get Admin role as they are helping out A Hat in Time Wikia community with best of their ability and they want to further strive to make this wiki a better one that is currently

    The vote will end a little over 1 week later from now, on Halloween, October 31st, 2017.

    If you have any agreement / disagreement or any questions about this topic, please d…

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  • Justbeho

    It is far from being finished, but here it is, A Hat in Time Wikia Discord!

    Link :

    Let's have a server of great community that loves this game!

    I will try to implement a way to show a discord invite method without looking at this blog.

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  • Justbeho

    I am currently working on with best desire to make this wiki as detailed as I can make it be. Without some others' help, it wouldn't be possible.

    Currently, I am working on to make more pages on each act, each chapter, each item, and all that I see as "worth being made into pages" that wouldn't end up as a stub.

    I also am trying to start a small Discord server (I am owner, admin, and helper in 5-ish servers, so I have experience) on this game. It will be designated at first as an open server that focuses more on this game and, as time passes, different things may come by. Who knows what could be ahead?

    Thanks to anyone that is willing to help this game and its wiki out in order to make this a more legitimate wiki that does not lack a single i…

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  • Metalreflectslime

    Is everyone okay with me taking over as bureacrat? 

    I am requesting bureacrat rights.

    My application is being processed. 

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  • Pseudobread

    A Hat in Time's Kickstarter was a huge success, gathering nearly $300,000, substantially more than it's $30,000 goal. As a result the game has also hit all of its stretch goals, which included co-op, two bonus chapters, a New Game+ mode, and original music by Grant Kirkhope, the music designer for Banjo-Kazooie.

    The game is set for a release in Q1 of 2014 on Windows and OS X, an hopefully a future release on Wii U, where the game would seem like a natural fit.

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