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BlackCatGolfer BlackCatGolfer 26 January

Hatkid smug for lfe

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SteveBobMinecraftPants SteveBobMinecraftPants 21 July 2020

Last Blog: Comparison!

Hi, Guys! Well, today, i have been returning to make a blog, and, well, maybe the last one, besides, if i would like to discuss about the game, i maybe rather do that in the discussion tho, and yes i will edit or comment at random times. Anyways, in this blog, i would like to compare something. Anybody here besides me who thinks that Hat Kid is like Kirby? Well, both are like one of the most, if not the most, cutest video game characters ever! Both are technically aliens and would make a good team. Speaking of that, DJ Grooves is like King Dedede. Both are overweight penguins and are enemies to Hat Kid and Kirby, well, depending thought if The Conductor or DJ Grooves is suddenly winning a trophy, they will fight her, meanwhile, the other o…

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Conrick the Conductor Conrick the Conductor 4 July 2020

Myself conrick

I made this drawing myself and use it on ibispaintx 

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SteveBobMinecraftPants SteveBobMinecraftPants 10 May 2020


Well, guys, ever wondered how a sequel would be for "A Hat in Time" eh? I guess so, anyway, now, i'll be thinking like this:

Hat Kid goes on new adventures, meeting new friends, enemies, and visits other planets. Heck, they should also include the cut characters, in my opinion. Yeah, Hattie (As i call her) would also make new hats, do new actions, and, yeah, alot of other stuff that will be added, hm. Sadly, MU (Mustache Girl) probably won't return, as she was already defeated in the first game, being alive, btw. But, as she is being alive, i got some thoughts about that:

Mustache Girl will also get her own game. Which can be based on the storybook, taking place before she turned evil. However, she is still good in that one, defeating The Ma…

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SteveBobMinecraftPants SteveBobMinecraftPants 29 April 2020

Hat Kid's Top 10 Favorite Animals (My thoughts)

Hello, People! This time i'm doing a blog to list top ten animals that Hat Kid have as her favorites. Now, keep in mind, it isn't canon, yet, however, the title of the blog clearly noted, it is "MY" thoughts, so, i "Believe" those animals are her favorites. Well, even if this, obviously, isn't about myself, i do indeed find those animals adorable, so, yeah, Hat Kid, probably, loves cute animals, so, almost all animals in this list are cute, that is why she loves them. And some of them also appears in the game as well, i will explain why on the parts i add, yet, as always, i don't need to explain "Honorable Mentions" which i lated adds inside this list, yeah. However, this is my theory on what animals Hat Kid loves, so, let's get started!


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Emikodo108 Emikodo108 26 April 2020

When Might "A Hat In Time 2" Appear, We Wonder?


And some of us want to help with ideas. I'm sure.

Like new hats, new badges, new stickers, new prizes, new locations, new characters

I think...

  • A boss battle with the Empress
  • Ability stickers for using the umbrella. (the same as badges on hats)
  • One rescue mission in each location 
  • An outfit booth run by a Stylin' Swan
  • Symphonic metal
  • An amusement park
  • Earn nicknames for Hat Kid (like Hattie)
  • A food stand/restaurant in each location
  • More interactions besides just sit, talk, and take

What are your ideas?

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SteveBobMinecraftPants SteveBobMinecraftPants 18 April 2020

What is the age rating to A Hat in Time?

Hello, People! I have made another blog where i ask a question. What is the age rating to this game? Well, IF you don't know what i mean, i mean like, the number of any age? Uh, like, i think i have seen that it got "7" since this game have violence and some scary stuff. Welp, is this game kid friendly or not, tho? I am asking due to some scenes and stuffs.


1: There is blood in the game, as seen in the chalkboard Mustache Girl shows The Hat Kid, even if it was just a drawing, uh, doesn't it look TOO much? Also, in "Murder on the Owl Express" HOW do we even explain the blood? It WAS a rubber knife, so, is it fake blood, or, what?

2: Queen Vanessa's Manor is the most scariest part in the game, now, i was actually brave enough, probably…

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SteveBobMinecraftPants SteveBobMinecraftPants 9 April 2020

Top 10 Neutral A Hat in Time Characters!

Hello, Everybody! Yeah, i decided to make this, too. As, yeah, yup, i did blogs about my favorite and least favorite characters of this game, so, this time, i will show the characters i'm neutral with. Welp, for this list, i will be listing, let's say, characters that could be cool, yet, i don't literally care THAT much about them, i am just, ok, with them, yeah. So, obviously, i will once again, ONLY, add canon characters in this, why? Since, as i said before about the cut characters, welp, they have not known personalities, so, i will only list characters that "APPEARED" inside the game, yeah, duh! So, yeah, they are NOT bad characters, but, i don't also think 100% much about those characters, they are just, welp, ok to me. So, enjoy and…

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SteveBobMinecraftPants SteveBobMinecraftPants 8 April 2020

Top 10 Least Favorite A Hat in Time Characters!

Hello, Everybody! Last time, i made a blog about my favorite characters from "A Hat in Time" and today, i will make a blog about the opposite, that is right, my LEAST favorite characters from this game, even so, this game have ALOT of amazing characters, making it impossible for me, however, to even have any least favorite characters. But, when thinking about it, u know that there are only SOME characters i hate. Yet, either it is because of them even being useless, or, because of how mean they are and for what they do to Hat Kid. Tho, most of them are enemies in this list, yet, i have no problem with most villains, actually. So, either i hate a character for it's mean personality or because of how stupid it is. Also, for this list, i will…

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SteveBobMinecraftPants SteveBobMinecraftPants 6 April 2020

Top 10 Favorite A Hat in Time Characters!

Hello, Everybody! It seems like i am the first one in the wiki here who does a "Top 10" blog, and, at the same time, talks about the favorite characters of mine in the game. Idk IF it is allowed on the wiki, but, i just wanted to show my thoughts of the characters. Also, yes, i will explain my thoughts of the characters, since, explaining is important to me. Anyway, this game is so amazing, there are alot of great characters, heck, it's kinda hard for me to even hate anybody from the game, no matter if they are good guys or bad guys. So, since there is enough characters to be in this list, i'll be about to do it, right, now. So, sit back and enjoy reading my thoughts on the characters!

NOTE: (FUN FACT: I added this before i added Part Three…

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SteveBobMinecraftPants SteveBobMinecraftPants 2 April 2020

I'm New! And i got two questions!

Hi, Guys! You may call me "Steve" or whatever you would like to call me. So, you know, i came since i love this game, yet, i actually, yeah, i saw YouTubers playing the game, so, i might not have played it, but, it sure is an amazing game. I love everything in it. The characters, the graphics, the colours, the voices, the levels, the soundtrack, etc. I enjoy it, and wish i did got to play it. However, as the title said, i do got two questions about the game, IF Anybody is able to answer and if you also is aware?

1: How many consoles is it playable at? Tho, i THINK i heard that it can be for The Nintendo Switch, if i ain't wrong? Tho, is there more consoles this game can be played at, or, the game only works on Switch? Lemme know in the comm…

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KML56 KML56 22 November 2019

Heya guys!

Heya guys! I've been on FANDOM for a bit, and I can't wait to talk to all of you! I got A Hat in Time for the Switch along with both DLCs, and man it's SO fun! I beat it in about 5 days (Added up. I had to wait for Nyakuza, and if you would include the waiting time, approx a month). Currently sticker-hunting, so if anyone knows where certain stickers are, please tell me!

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Sparklescissoruwu Sparklescissoruwu 17 November 2019


Ok, so i got nyakuza metro, completed it, and then...

I tried to hit empress... And right before hitting her... I SWEAR IM NOT LYING


The music stopped too.

I was terrified (still am) and i really dont want to leave my locked room...

EDIT I SAW MORE AHHHH PLEASE HELP!!!!!  Edit2: So it was just the alien eyes hat flair mod oops. It terrified me lol

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ShinyDratini1 ShinyDratini1 21 October 2019


I'll just say "PECK NECK!" for Blog Title.. lol

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Senor Hoovy Senor Hoovy 1 May 2019

Song during Rock the Boat

Hey, everyone. I've been looking for the song that plays during Act 3 of artic cruise. Specificly, the song that plays after Hat Kid crashes the boat and needs to rescue everyone. Can anyone help me here?

EDIT: nevermind boys, found it

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I'm From the Future I'm From the Future 17 May 2018

The (true) tale of Queen Vanessa, Part 1


This is a theory btw.

So something that always bothered me was the complete lack of explination for queen V's tranformation. I mean we see that if started when she had incredibly negative emotions, but that shouldn't turn you into a... this. But I think I figured it out. Also this is my first blog so support would be nice.

So in Alpine skyline there are strange purple flowers that harness and apmlify bad emotions. And you just might notice the that the prince gets purple flowers. And look at the amount of similarities here.

If you're wondering why V's transformation is so much more drastic, 1) the goats got 1 flower each, V got a whole batch thown at her, and 2) V had very negitive emotions from the start.

I'm sorry this was s…

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PinknWhiteBat12 PinknWhiteBat12 22 April 2018

The Voicelines

Should we add them to the character's page?

Like put the Snatcher's voicelines in his page? The train Conductor? Hat Kid? The Crows? Vanessa?

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EtirelyApper EtirelyApper 3 April 2018

Is Snatcher Queen Vanessa's Prince?

Now, it is a common theory that the Snatcher is Queen Vanessa's prince, but before we get into that.


I am sorry if I am spelling it wrong but it could be either Venessa or Vanessa, I myself not sure of the canon spelling (for I have never acually played the game) and I am far to lazy to look up such a minor detail. So I will be using VANESSA.

Okay, okay, now on to the actual theory, is the Snatcher Queen Vanessa's prince? Most of you reading this would think yes, and I wouldn't blame you, it is a very excepted theory in the fandom from what I have seen and in itself plausible.


It is a little far fetched, but hear me out before you immediatly click off this tab! I will try my best to say both sides of the…

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PinknWhiteBat12 PinknWhiteBat12 30 March 2018

Instruction Manual

Found the offical manual for tha game:


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Legofan9o5 Legofan9o5 30 December 2017

An Odd Picture

I thought using Discussions would be hip. Then I recognized even the most dedicated wikias don't even care about it when Forums are still all the rage.

So here's a reiteration in this blog: This photo is anamolous in that the graffiti in it dissolved after the picture was taken and would not return after going back to hub, furthermore it wouldn't return after turning off the game or even restarting the computer. I'm still looking into if any other such graffiti would accomplish such events, but the assumption some of the imagery in Subcon would react proved to be false. Odd given it would fit that area's theme, but I digress. 

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WolfGirlsClan WolfGirlsClan 26 December 2017

Danielle's Template Testing

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WolfGirlsClan WolfGirlsClan 23 December 2017

Hello everyone

Hey there, my name is WGC, childish username cringe and I would like to say that I am joining this wikia. So I have recently bought this game and I am already in love with it. So since I am a lot definently not addicted on wikia why not look for something like this?

Do however keep in mind that I have not played the full game yet, but once im done I will definently be active here. Anyways. See ya

boi 09:50, December 23, 2017 (UTC)

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Middynighty Middynighty 7 December 2017

A secret hidden where no one could find it

I have really been interested in the secret for a long time, yet I cant translate it.

When A Hat In Time was first released, the crator of the game made a new YouTube account (which will be linked at the end of this post)

This account showed creepy A Hat In Time videos, mostly showing the main character standing in one place near a item and a message appearing on the screen sometimes, along with a secret message in the description of the video as well. however I can not translate it since I have no idea what language it is.

There is a secret similar to this, however instead of it being outside of the game, it was hidden right under our backs.

In a specific closet in a specific chapter (forgot which one) You had to use No-Clip to clip inside th…

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GentleIce GentleIce 27 November 2017

Console Release is December 6th.

To make sure as many people as possible know, A Hat in Time is being released for Xbox One and Playstation 4 on December 6th, 2017.

Twitter link: https://twitter.com/HatInTime/status/935193163857383424

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GentleIce GentleIce 1 November 2017

Titlecards for Acts: with or without words.

So I just saw Metalreflectslime's comment on Welcome to Mafia Town about how the title cards for each act should be consistent, asking to add them to all have the words on them. I'd actually like to make a case for them without words, so this post is for all of us to know what's going on and we can decide what's best for the wiki.

Here's the thing; I uploaded most of the pictures for the acts, both with and without words. But the ones with words are just screen caps, and thus have low quality. The ones without words are the ones I'd prefer because they're high quality and originating from A Hat in Time's twitter account.

There is a problem with the wordless ones, though, which is Gears for Breakfast hasn't released all of the clean images, s…

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SuperGamer675 SuperGamer675 26 October 2017


Hi, I am SuperGamer 675, a fan of Thousand Year Door, and I just joined this wiki to add info and stuff to pages.

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Metalreflectslime Metalreflectslime 24 October 2017

Pages to Polish

For the infobox picture, we need a picture with words for: Chapter 1, Act 1, 3, 5, 6 Chapter 2, All acts Chapters 3-5.

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Metalreflectslime Metalreflectslime 12 October 2017

Bureaucratic Rights

Is everyone okay with me taking over as bureacrat? 

I am requesting bureacrat rights.

My application is being processed. 

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Pseudobread Pseudobread 9 July 2013

A Hat in Time Kickstarter campaign earns nearly $300k

A Hat in Time's Kickstarter was a huge success, gathering nearly $300,000, substantially more than it's $30,000 goal. As a result the game has also hit all of its stretch goals, which included co-op, two bonus chapters, a New Game+ mode, and original music by Grant Kirkhope, the music designer for Banjo-Kazooie.

The game is set for a release in Q1 of 2014 on Windows and OS X, an hopefully a future release on Wii U, where the game would seem like a natural fit.

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