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Bird Sanctuary is a challenge in Death Wish Mode. In it, you have to make it through The Birdhouse without hurting those pesky crows. If you do you take 1 damage per crow!


As a start to the stage, simply walk over to the first area, as if you're playing it normally, the first Shroomb Egg can be ignored. When getting to the part right after where Hat Kid climbs a small ledge, (shown in the image) don't go with the path made by the Pons, but instead go to the left of it, and climb over the fence. Then, go inside the first Birdhouse and try to jump over the birds on the ground. (This isn't required, but recommended.) Try to stay on the platforms with the Alpine Pompous Birds on them for as least time as possible. When exiting the birdhouse and getting to the hookshot section, jump to the platform and onto the hay bale, instead of using the hookshot. Then, go through the entrance on the bottom to the next section. Do not go down onto the platform with the 3 birds immediately, and instead jump off the bridge, and double jump back to it. Repeat this process until the Shroomb Egg in this section explodes, not harming any of the birds. After this part, you'll be at the last section, which unfortunately is the trickiest. First, get the five regular birds in this section and lure them to the right side of the 2 nests. Then, go back to the bridge. To the left of the entrance you'd normally go through, there's a gap in the fence. Use it to go to the wooden platform at the end of the two nests, making sure not to alert the five birds you lured. After the Shroomb Egg spawns, try to get the Pompous Bird to push it off the nests, preventing it from hurting any birds. This part may require a few tries. Once this is done successfully, go ahead and use the path to the giant bird. (Make sure not to accidentally homing attack the Pompous Bird, though!) Once getting to the last platform, go ahead and collect your Time Piece, ending the Death Wish.

Peace and Tranquility[]

Pon Cost: Pons x77

Peace and Tranquility for this level can be enabled to make the level easier after a few deaths from the player. Enabling Peace and Tranquility removes the explosive eggs from the level. Like for all Death Wishes with Peace and Tranquility, simply completing the level will give you all three stamps.


  • Killing a bird in this Death Wish used to immediately kill you instead of dealing only 1 damage. This was changed in the release of the Nyakuza Metro DLC. The bonus has also changed from completing the level under 65 seconds to completing with One-Hit Hero equipped. (That means less failed runs from unlucky Shromb Egg explosions, but you should still watch out)
  • Just as Snatcher says, the Shroomb Egg's explosion can hurt the crows, which will hurt you!
  • Surprisingly, jumping on the sleeping fat crow at the end of the level doesn't count as hurting a bird