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Moonjumper Head "Are you lost too? I've been lost for as long as I can remember."

The Beta Hero's Challenge was a bonus act, only available in the beta, of Battle of the Birds, then known as the Trainwreck of Science. It was built like a very long dream world level, but was set in space. This level featured many platforming challenges that were much tougher than anything else in the beta. These challenges included the infamous mushroom bridges, which consisted of chains of bouncy mushrooms suspended over nothing, and the falling staircase, which was composed of many platforms that would fall away when stepped on.

The falling staircase wound around a giant hourglass, which Mustache Girl stood inside of the upper portion. On top of the hourglass was the time piece, signifying the end of the level. At the edge of the platform around the time piece, Mafia goons cheered and roman candles sparked.

Out of reach of the platforms, two white, wobbly balls could be seen to pour milk out of a giant spout, one into a giant teacup, and the other into a giant breakfast bowl with metal gears in it. This is most likely a reference to Gears for Breakfast's logo.


  • Habboi re-released the level as a mod for the final version of the game, albeit with some changes:
    • Mushrooms are no longer multicolored. Rather, they're all blue.
    • The Light Plants have been replaced with Spiders.
    • Six rift tokens have been added around the platform the Time Piece is on.
  • This level contains an unused music track by Grant Kirkhope called "The Big Challenge".