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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Bazaar is one of the Time Rift found in Mafia Town. It is located in the hole at the left of the three markets that never opens.

The Level[]

The Bazaar Time Rift is a very simple and easy stage to complete for most players, due to its lack of hazards other than a series of Sleepy Raccoons and falling off of the platforms into the bottomless pit below. Further assisting in the lack of difficulty is the presence of two checkpoints placed after major platforming segments, making progressing through the level for even a non-experienced platformer a much more tame experience.

One of the key elements present through a majority of the stage is the presence of mobile platforms that rotate on their yaw axis to make the platform rotate while keeping its flat surface on the top, or on their roll axis to simulate a platform similar to a rolling log.

Platforms rolling on their yaw axis vary from rectangular to simple disks with two sectors cur out of them as a hazard for the player to fall through. Those rotating on the roll axis will also present bumps to block player movement and potentially push them off.

The Time Piece is located on one of the faces of the rotating "log" at the end of the level. Here, the player must time their movements so when they reach the other end of the log, the Time Piece will be present since the piece itself moves in unison with the platform face

Given the slow movement of the Sleepy Raccoons and their ability to hover over gaps in the platforms, this level can serve as a method to unlocking the achievement Personally, I Prefer the Air. This is further helped by the level's short length overall to get to this point, as well as a checkpoint to allow for the player to quickly reset the enemies via death.


  • The log-like platforms presented in these levels highly resemble platforms used in another platformer Super Mario Sunshine.