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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Battle of the Birds - All Clear! is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by completing Battle of the Birds completely, by collecting all the Time Pieces in both the Acts and Time Rifts.


Given the use of many different and often unexpected gimmicks and tricks from Act to Act, the difficulty for completing all the Acts and Time Rifts in Battle of the Birds is surprisingly high considering its placement as the second Chapter of A Hat in Time. Furthermore is its more difficult set of Time Rifts, serving as the true difficulty setting in-between Mafia Town and Alpine Skyline that Subcon Forest surprisingly lacked.

Full completion of this Chapter also requires the Hookshot in the next Chapter, Subcon Forest, further making the requirements and stipulations of the achievement all the more apparent.

Given the Time Piece of The Award Ceremony is interchangeable with whom is nominated for the award, Points and who wins the Annual Bird Movie Award will not affect this achievement either way.


Though not helpful for completing all the achievements, going though each Act of Battle of the Birds with minimal risk and effort will very likely lead to an easier time, since the quantity of points does not matter in the end calculation to the winner, as long as the winning bird has more, the player will move on for the achievement at hand. Even with a tied score, the game will choose whom is the winner, making the importance of points insignificant in the context of this achievement. Doing this kind of tactic will also detriment the progress of another achievement Fueling the Feud however, making it advised to use this method if all achievements are not preferred or just going through a casual run.

As stated above, the need of a Hookshot to progress in Train Rush makes the collection of the achievement arguably slower than Subcon Forest - All Clear!, since the restrictions for each chapter is provided in the prior chapters. This has the prospect of pacing this achievement later on into the game if all achievements are desired, as the Hookshot requirement truly halts progression until it is collected. Progressing as much as possible in Mafia Town, going to Battle of the Birds only if needed and going to and completing Subcon once it is unlocked is one of the more feasible strategies for spending as little time walking throughout the Spaceship.