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Barrel Battle is Act 2 of the first Chapter, Mafia Town. In this act Hat Kid must save Mustache Girl, who have been captured by the Mafia on top of a small pyramid of barrels.

Before the Barrels[]

Hat Kid will start off this act between two buildings, completely boxed in. There are pons on the wall, so this area is meant to teach the player how to wall jump, which is preformed by jumping at a wall and once on the wall, jumping again. Unlike other games, Hat Kid will not slide down the wall, but rather run up it briefly before falling. This allows her to get some extra distance to reach places easier.

The objective of the act isn't far from the start. You'll be able to see your objective clearly from the speech bubbles of Mustache Girl. Simply walk down there to rescue her.

Battle of the Barrels[]

During this fight Hat Kid will be locked into a 2-dimensional space, only being able to move around the barrels. The first part of this fight is easy. Mafia Goons will attack Hat Lod one at a time and you must defeat all of them before moving onto the next stage. Fortunately, Mafia Goons aren't hard to take out. Simply hit them with your umbrella until they turn red. When they're red they will be immune to the umbrella attack, but hitting them with a homing attack will make them vulnerable again.

Avoid Barrels

Hat Kid avoiding barrels.

After taking care of the mafia on the ground, the Mafia at the top of the barrels will begin throwing barrels at Hat Kid! There's nothing you can do to him right now; just focus on dodging the barrels he throws.

There will be 10 barrels in total. The first 5 are easiest to dodge, as he throws them at one spot and then they bounce away. The last 5 will be trickier, as they bounce around the pile until they explode, so Hat Kid will need to keep dodging them. When one is close to Hat Kid and it's about to bounce into the air, run under it to avoid getting hit.

After the Mafia Goon realizes his barrels aren't going to stop you, he'll come down there to fight you himself. Unfortunately for him, he's just like the other mafia you fought, so you won't have any trouble with it. After he's beaten, he’ll be launched into orbit with a flash, and the Time Piece will appear for Hat Kid to grab!


Hat Kid and Mustache Girl become friends!

After grabbing the Time Piece, Mustache Girl will come back and thank Hat Kid for her help. Mustache Girl then asks for Hat Kid's name, but she doesn't answer. Mustache Girl mentions that she's seen the Mafia taking Time Pieces to the Mafia Headquarters at the top of the island. She then says the two of them should go to the Mafia HQ to get Hat Kid's stuff back, with Mustache Girl showing open excitement at getting to mess up the Mafia.

Then Hat Kid and Mustache Girl high five in mid air, with a relationship bar showing up on screen to show that the two are now friends.


Battle of the Barrels takes place in Mafia Town, which is a wide open location with many items to collect, and is identical to other acts in this chapter. As such, if you wish to know what collectables can be found here, please consult this section of the Mafia Town page. Check here for achievements.

Diary Entry[]

After each mission Hat Kid will write about it in her diary, which can be found in her room under the swimming pool of pillows. The diary will only read the entry for the last act that was completed.

"I'm not super sure what that was supposed to be? Some big loser stood around and threw barrels at me!

"Some even had spikes on! Who has spiked barrels????"

(Note: The Diary is in her bedroom, which can't be unlocked until after getting 7 time pieces. Thus this entry cannot be read in game, and only found within the game files.)


Here is a list of music used in this act. All tracks can be found on the A Hat in Time Soundtrack.

  • Welcome to Mafia Town is the overworld music for this act. A Remix can be unlocked from the Orb Machine.
  • Barrel Battle plays during the titular battle against the mafia.
  • A New Friend in Mafia Town plays during the cutscene after getting the Time Piece.


  • In Alpha this Act was part of "Welcome to Mafia Town" Act
  • There is a spot Hat Kid can stand completely still at, where the Mafia Goon’s barrels won’t be able to hit her. This is not intentional, as Lead Designer Jonas Kaerlev stated, he does not know why it happens: “It’s probably something to do with the radius and the number of verses.”
  • When the last Mafia Goon is defeated, he’ll be launched up to the stars with a flash, this is presumably a reference to Team Rocket from the Pokémon Anime series.