Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

"Not sure where they came from or how they got on this planet but they're a lil... twitchy. They also have magical badges I can buy."
—Manual Description.

The Badge Seller is a supporting character in A Hat in Time, serving as an NPC that sells Badges to Hat Kid in exchange for the game's currency, Pons. He is seen throughout the various Chapters, often located multiple times in one Chapter.


The Badge Seller is shrouded in a large red t-shirt that covers his torso, tied around by a brown belt and backpack. His lower half is clad in brown boots and purple baggy pants to help cover a majority of his body. The shoulders are shown as rounded and ending the sleeve with a red and yellow striped puff. At the back is an extension to the shirt, similar to that of a cape.

His head is covered in a deep purple cloak, further obscured by a white porcelain-eque mask that shows a single green eye in the right socket. This mask has simple facial features, such as light yellow surrounding the eye holes, a petite nose and red lips similar to lipstick. Besides the features themselves is an intricate design painted in tan to define the ridge of the nose and cheek bones.

As the only exposed part of the body, Badge Seller's arms are exceptionally dark purple, akin to that of Snatcher. Further tying such relations is the hand's low quantity of digits, sharing Snatcher's hand structure with only two digits on their in-game models. In his left hand is a thin but sizable wooden staff, being nearly as tall as he is.

A notable quality of the Badge Seller's body is its tendency to spasm at random, often involving his free arm, his upper torso, his head or bu having the mask rotate before snapping back to its typical position. He also has purple pixels that frequently emanate from his body, presenting a "glitchy" quality to the idle animation. A quote from Badge Seller explains that his glitched appearance is due to the numerous worlds he has visited taking their toll on him.


Chapter Location Picture
Mafia Town In the center of the Construction Site, adjacent from the crane.
Badge Seller Mafia 1
Inside the tower near the town's fountain.
Badge Accident
Inside the Mafia Headquarters next to the theater doorway.
Loc MafiaHQ Badge
Battle of the Birds Inside the Receptionist's waiting room at the beginning of Act 1.
Badge BotB 1
On the awning of the blue building next to the Metro entrance of Act 3 exclusively.
Badge BotB 2
In the caboose of the train of Act 4 exclusively.
Badge BotB 3
Subcon Forest Adjacent to Snatcher's home, leftward of the starting location of Act 1 and Act 5.
Badge Subcon 1
In the middle of Subcon Village, to the right of the path directly towards the Fire Spirits.
Badge Subcon 2
Alpine Skyline On the same plateau holding the large red house and beacon of Goat Village, directly beneath the Twilight Bell's zipline.
Badge Apline 1
Leftwards of the doorway entering the Windmill.
Badge Apline 2
Rightwards to the second zipline end right before the Twilight Bell.
Badge Alpine 3
Rightwards to the second zipline end right before The Birdhouse.
Badge Alpine 4
Arctic Cruise On the top deck of the ship, behind a corner at the starboard quarter (back right) of the ship.
Badge TAC 1
Inside the reception room, on the top of some stairs blocked by luggage.
Badge TAC 2


Below is the list of achievements related to this character;

Image Name Description
Achievement05 Badge Master Equip 3 badges!
Achievement18 Put a Badge On It Put on your first badge!


  • The Badge Seller seems to be inspired by the Happy Mask Salesman from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, but his pallet and clothing is similar to Aghanim from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.
  • The Badge Seller's outfit is very similar to that of the Moon Jumper, which makes sense considering how they have the same theme.
  • Of all the Chapters currently, Alpine Skyline has the most simultaneous spots to shop with the Badge Seller, at four total.
    • Oddly enough, all of the peaks have a Badge Seller except for The Lava Cake, with the fourth being at the center Goat Village.