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Badge Master is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by the player equipping and having three Badges active at the same time.


This achievement is likely one of the most compulsory challenges for the later stages of the game, given the utility some badges provide and how useful having all three potential badges can be for completing the more difficult Acts. However, it also a requires substantial amount of effort and progress by the player to get enough Time Pieces and Pons to be able to purchase both the Pins and Badges required.

With the 15 Time Pieces required to access the second pin, the player would have collected 35% of the available Time Pieces and unlocked three of the five Chapters already, having access to free Badges like the Hookshot and likely enough Pons to purchase anything else required.


Given how much progress will be needed to get to this point, having a goal to which badges and which levels are to be targeted to reach the end goal can lead to an easier experience and greater chance to have enough Pons to fill out the three badge slots when they become available.

Acts like Picture Perfect can provide a high quantity of Pons if farming is required, since having your picture taken by the local Moon Penguins leads to a large burst of Pons each.


  • This achievement is very similar to another badge, Put a Badge On It, as both pertain to equipping badges and have exceptionally similar Achievement images.