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Badges are equipable items in A Hat In Time. They are used to unlock different abilities or augment existing ones. This means that players are able to create their own play styles, by swapping different badges for different abilities. The badges one has equipped show up on the in-game hat as pins.


Most badges are often sold by the Badge Seller for Pons, but some are found out in the world or sold by other characters. While most of them have positive traits, some of them have negative effects for players who want a challenge or purely cosmetic changes as a gag.

At the start of her adventure Hat Kid can equip only one badge. To equip multiple badges, one must purchase Badge Pins first. The first pin can be bought after getting 3 Time Pieces, and the second after getting 15, allowing Hat Kid to have up to three badges equipped at a time.

List of Badges[]

Name Image Type Description Location
Projectile Badge Projectile Badge Action


"Hold and release your attack button for a beam attack!"

Hat Kid's melee attack now also has a beam attack that can be charged to three levels by holding down the attack button.

Sold by the Badge Seller for 300 pons after getting 4 Time Pieces.
Camera Badge Camera Badge Action


"Press [KEY] to take pictures of your journey!"

Found on an island near a Tourist in Mafia Town.
Fast Hatter Badge Fast Hatter Badge Automatic


"Significantly reduce the cooldown when using hats!"

You don't have to wait as long to re-use a hat's ability (such as the Dweller Mask) while this badge is equipped.

Sold by the Badge Seller for 250 pons after getting 8 Time Pieces.
Hookshot Badge Hookshot Badge Action


"Press and hold attack to swing from hooks!"

With this badge you can now hook to and swing from certain points. This badge is required to access some of the time pieces.

Found in The Subcon Well.
Hover Badge Hover Badge Automatic


"Automatically pull out your umbrella before deadly impact!"

If Hat Kid falls from a height that would damage her, she pulls out the umbrella at the last moment to instantly slow down her falling speed and allow her to not take fall damage.

Sold by the Badge Seller for 100 pons.
Item Magnet Badge Item Magnet Badge Automatic


"Automatically attract nearby collectibles!"

Items such as Pons and Heart Gems will be drawn to you and collected as long as you're close enough to them.

Sold by the Badge Seller for 50 pons. Alternatively, found in the Subcon Ruins of the Subcon Forest.
Mumble Badge Mumble Badge Automatic


"Plugs your ears, now you only hear vague mumbling!"

Changes all character speech to mumbles, as promised in the kickstarter campaign. Text is unchanged. This was inspired by the mumbles in the Banjo-Kazooie series.

Sold by the Badge Seller for 800 pons.
No Bonk Badge No Bonk Badge Automatic


"No more bonking against walls when diving!"

You no longer rebound when hitting a surface after diving, and instead begin a wall run.

Sold by the Badge Seller for 150 pons after getting 5 Time Pieces.
Compass Badge Compass Badge Automatic


"Shows a map towards nearby relics!"

A small red arrow appears when Hat Kid near from relic.

Sold by the Mafia Boss for 400 pons.
Scooter Badge Scooter Badge Automatic


"Upgrades your Sprint Hat to a scooter!"

Changes the effect of the Sprint Hat, giving Hat Kid a scooter to ride around in. The scooter has excellent acceleration, turning, and can jump, although a double jump cause the scooter to disappear.

Sold by the Badge Seller for 500 pons.
1-Hit Hero Badge 1-Hit Hero Badge Automatic


"You die in one hit. Only for the brave!"

Your healthbar is always at 1, so you literally die in one hit. In the Nyakuza Metro DLC, even though it is possible to increase health beyond max using food combos, your health will not even increase to 2 with this badge.

Sold by the Badge Seller for 500 pons after getting 6 Time Pieces.

Seal the Deal Exclusive Badges[]

Name Image Type Description Location
Mirror Badge Mirror Badge



"Dnuora Gnihtyreve spilf"

Flips the screen as if you were looking into a mirror.

Complete Rift Collapse: Deep Sea
Nostalgia Badge Nostalgia Badge Automatic


"Everything is better when its worse!"

Reduces the graphical settings to make everything look like a game on the N64.

Complete Zero Jumps

Nyakuza Metro (DLC) Exclusive Badges[]

Name Image Type Description Location
Peaceful Badge Peaceful Badge



"Experience Peace and Tranquility whenever you dance!"

Adds the same filter used on the Peace and Tranquility screen of Death Wish when using the dance action.

Sold by a Nyakuza thug for 200 Pons.
Retro Badge Retro Badge



"Glorious 2-bit action!"

Adds a filter to the game that makes everything look like a game on the original GameBoy.

Sold by a Nyakuza thug for 200 Pons.
REDtro VR Badge REDtro VR Badge



"My eyes hurt."

Adds a red filter that makes everything look like a game on the Virtual Boy.

Sold by a Nyakuza thug for 200 Pons.


Image Name Description Hints
Achievement01 360 - No Feet Do a 360 flip on the scooter! This achievement can be done on the floor, but is made easier with a cliff to fall off.
Achievement05 Badge Master Equip 3 badges! This achievement requires two 'Badge Pin' items, bought from the Badge Seller after getting 3 and 14 Time Pieces respectively.
Achievement09 Fan-Tastic! Hook onto a ceiling fan with the hookshot! The fan in the Main Hall works well for this.
Achievement15 One Punch Defeat any boss with the 1-hit hero badge equipped! This achievement will not unlock when beating Your Contract Has Expired, or Barrel Battle.
Achievement18 Put a Badge On It Put on your first badge! You can get the Camera badge for free and get this achievement without spending any Pons.


  • The license plate of Hat Kid's scooter reads "H3T K1D 06."
  • Equipping any filter badges together adds a very trippy rainbow, wavy, and inverted effect to the screen instead of their normal effects.