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Alpine Skyline - All Clear! is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by completing Alpine Skyline completely, by collecting all the Time Pieces in both the Acts and Time Rifts.


As the final Chapter with multiple Acts and Time Rifts to complete, the difficulty is quite clearly more pronounced and threatening at times. Where other worlds are much more based on completion of individual Acts, the amorphous structure of Alpine Skyline outside its Time Rifts does mitigate quire a bit of this difficulty however, especially compared to the varied gimmicks, sheer quantity and general spikes of difficulty in the other Chapters.

A note on how Alpine Skyline deviates from most other Chapters is its centralized usage of platforming in various ways for each of the Time Pieces and the peaks they have landed upon. This leads to the benefit of being positively monotonous in the gimmick and allowing players who excel at platforming challenges to likely have much less difficulty completing the main Acts of the Chapter than other Chapters as a whole.


In terms of completion of every single Act, Alpine Skyline is much less tedious than any other chapter due to its Open World mechanics returning Hat Kid to the start of the level rather than to Hat Kid's Spaceship. This has the great upside of moving quickly from one Time Piece to the next, cutting out much time needed to wait through loading, saving and re-entering the Act selecting telescope, making the completion of the achievement far more streamlined than the other completion based achievements.

Asides from the Open World gimmick, being able to prioritize Time Rifts can help make the process as quick and painless. Going for the furthest from the starting point and progressing to the next furthest tends to make the journey less burdensome, keeping the most tedious segments at the very beginning of the treks and making the journey after extended periods of travel much more rewarding in comparison, even if the overall time is the same.

It should be noted that the Alpine Skyline Rift and Twilight Bell Rift are relatively close to the beginning of the respective Acts of the same name, making a quit to the Spaceship and re-entry to the Twilight Bell directly a potentially quicker alternative than going in one continuous run. This also leaves Curly Tail Trail as the odd man out of the three, making its prioritization over the others more well founded.