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Alpine Skyline is a Purple Time Rift that can be found in Chapter 4: Alpine Skyline. It is located on the right side of the platform Hat Kid starts on. It appears when the fourth, and final Relic (Tri-Color Graffiti Kit) of the main game is completed.



World Exit Cost Rift Pons Storybook Pages
1 0 - 1
2 3 4 (RC: 5) 1
3 4 5 (RC: 6) 1
4 4 5 2
5 - - -
Total 14 (RC: 16) 5


The first world of this time rift starts at the bottom of a miniature version of the alpine peaks hub, with multiple plateaus that can be used as "steps" to reach the top where the exit to the next level is located. All of the land available to walk on in this level is high above a "sea" of clouds. There are no pons on this level.

The second world is made up of four island-like clusters of plateaus, each connected by hookshot points or tightropes. The fourth forward-center peak where the exit is located is reached by swinging across hookshot points. Two of the four golden pons are found on the largest cluster of plateaus to the right of the start past the tightrope, which is designed after "The Purrloined Village" and also contains Lazy Paw Gang enemies. One pon is attached to a crow just below the exit, while the final pon and the storybook page is located on top of the small island to the left of the start.

In the third world, after starting from a small wooden platform between two small mountain islands (one of which is behind the start and where the exit is located), there are two large, tall peaks that make up the majority of this world. The first reachable peak has a shallow lake with laughing crows and two waterfalls. One of the five golden pons of this level is at the bottom of the smaller waterfall, while a second pon is at the top of that larger waterfall. One pon is in a nest at the top of the smallest peak connected to the tightropes. The final two pons are both found on the last island next to the lavafalls on top of a tree and a barn roof.

The fourth world is designed after the Twilight Bell and The Birdhouse areas of Alpine peaks, with large stone bridges, invisible platforms that require the Dweller Mask, and large wooden birdhouses. The exit is found within one of the lowest birdhouses, reached at the end and to the left of the starting platform. One golden pon is within a birdhouse straight ahead from the start. One pon is found in the middle of a waterfall between two blocks, while another is on a log hanging from chains at the top of the waterfall. Two pons are close to each other after climbing up the interior or a bird house and then climbing the spinning gears next to its upper entrance.

After completing four worlds, the time rift which needs to be broken is found in the center of a platform decorated with banners and ox statues.

Storybook Pages[]

  • World 1: The storybook page is located at the very bottom of the peak behind a stack of haybales, forward and to the left from the start.
  • World 2: The storybook page is located on top of the small island to the left of the start, right next to the golden pon perched on the wooden beam.
  • World 3: The storybook page is found at the top of the wooden pillar at the top of the large waterfall, and although tricky to get to, can be reached by using an angled wall-jump against the part of the mountain sticking out that has a fire on top of it.
  • World 4: There are two storybook pages in this world, one which is on top of the birdhouse with a pon it it (reached by climbing the waterfall and going across the stone trim), and one on a wooden platform at the bottom of the waterfall at the end of a stone bridge (after crossing the ghostly green pillars).

After collecting the time piece within the rift, any storybook pages collected will be revealed in order, showing The Twilight Ascent.

Rift Collapse[]

This time rift also becomes unstable in Death Wish Mode. As with all Rift Collapse versions of Time Rifts, while most of the map layout remains the same there are some distinct differences such at it being entirely mirrored from the original setup. Additionally, there are no storybook pages available and some worlds have a different amount of pons to collect (differences in pons amounts have been listed as "RC" in the collectibles table above).