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Alpine Skyline is a the fourth Chapter in A Hat in Time, being a large free-roam style map full of mountainous islands each with unique peaks. It is inhabited by varying creatures such as birds, cats, and goats.

The area can be found in the Engine Room, requiring 14 Time Pieces to enter. Additionally, the Hookshot Badge is soft-required for the Skyline; while you can visit the Skyline without it, your trip will be very short.


As seen in the Storybook for Alpine Skyline, one goat was led by a constellation to find an area to settle on. After some time, the goat finds Alpine Skyline and an enormous star above the highest peak. The goat made its path toward the summit, and at the summit it became one with the sky and turned into a constellation.

With the second Storybook introduced in the Seal the Deal DLC, the Nomads inhabited and colonized Alpine Skyline alongside the goats.


Unlike other Chapters before it, Alpine Skyline is comprised of 4 main island-esque mountains, each with its own peak hiding away a Time Piece. These are accessed from a general hub inside the level, due to it's "free roam" formatting, allowing the player to access any of the pseudo-Acts from progressing from the center, or by selecting it from the telescope in the Spaceship once it is completed for the first time. The place in inhabited by the Nomads, who are friendly compared to most of the other characters. An outlier to this format is the finale of the Chapter, The Illness Has Spread.

The Birdhouse[]

The Birdhouse is the mountain peak of Alpine Skyline led to by a rope with yellow and orange flags. Its entrance island is Bird Fork Pass. The right fork takes you to the Purrloined Village and some Rift Tokens, while the left path takes you to Serpentine Bird Horn, whose eponymous horn will open a path to the next island through is Yellow Band Hills. After clearing that you can reach the rope to the Birdhouse. It contains many wooden hollow houses with many Crows and Shromb Eggs.

The Lava Cake[]

The Lava Cake is another mountain peak of Alpine Skyline led by a rope with red, yellow, green, blue, and white flags. Later on it has ropes with dark red flags. Its entrance island is Sizzling Lava Split. The next island is Ember Summit. Then rope leading to Lava Cake appears. The Lava cake contains many floors of lava that never drip.

The Windmill[]

The Windmill is the third mountain peak of Alpine Skyline led by a rope with light blue flags. The entrance island is Goat Outpost Horn. Hat Kid has to clear Goat Outpost Horn, return to the prior island, and use the same rope they returned on, but steering to the left. It leads to Windy Passage, and later, Curly Tail Horn Trail. The Windmill contains a vertical climb with many moving platforms for Hat Kid to go through.

The Twilight Bell[]

The Twilight Bell is the fourth mountain peak of Alpine Skyline led by a rope with green and green-blue flags located at the top of the main land. Its entrance island is The Twilight Path. The next island has the Twilight Bell, where Hat Kid must swing the handle of the bell three times. It then will create a Dweller dimension for Hat Kid to traverse. The Twilight Bell requires the Dweller Mask, and the Sprint Hat is also recommended.

The Illness has Spread[]

Like other Chapter Finales, it requires each of the other peak's Time Pieces to be reclaimed before it can be accessed. Unique to other Finales however is that because Alpine Skyline returns the player to the beginning of the level upon acquisition of a Time Piece rather than return to the Spaceship, it can be started immediately after the player has collected the final peak's Time Piece.

Unlike the other mountain peaks, The Illness Has Spread takes place in an alternate variant of Alpine Skyline unique to its Act, spanning most of the center mountain and using short offshoots from the ropes leading to the other peaks that were previously inaccessible due to flying seedlings that can be used in conjunction with the Hookshot Badge to swing across large gaps.

Paths directly to other peaks are blocked off by spiny and damaging flowers, limiting the choices the player has in terms of exploration. Completion is based on defeating all of the large flowering buds that pollute the air with more seedlings and corrupt the Goats, returning the skyline to its prior state once each bulb is defeated. Once all the bulbs are gone, a Nomad will reward you with the Time Piece.

Time Rift Locations[]

Image Act Location Appears
AlpineBlueRift1 Spawn at the Twilight Bell and turn around. It's on top of a nearby tree. After completing "The Twilight Bell" Mountain Peak
AlpineBlueRift2 Curly Tail Peak, near the Windmill. Spawn at the windmill, take the blue zipline back and upon arrival, jump down on top of the house. Use your Ice Hat or just jump to get to the lower platform and take the yellow zipline to Curly Tail Horn Trail. (Watch out for those cat-things.) At the end of the trail, next to the horn, there's a house. Atop it, is the time rift. After completing "The Windmill" Mountain Peak
AlpinePurpleRift On the way to the birdhouse (Take a right as you spawn in.) After completing "Tri-color Graffiti Kit"



  • Sick Goats
  • Birds
  • Spiders
  • Lazy Paw Gang
  • Sleepy Racoon
  • Shromb Eggs


Because you must have the Hookshot Badge to enter Alpine Skyline, none of the collectables will list it as a required item here. There are no collectables in Sizzling Lava Path, Curly Tail Horn Trail or Serpintine Bird Horn.

Check here for a List of All Collectables.

Item NO. Image Where Details
Time Stop Yarn #1 Loc Goat Yarn 1 Goat Village At the front of Goat Village, floating in midair. Use a nearby spring to jump up and hookshot to it.
Time Stop Yarn #2 Loc Goat Yarn 2 Goat Village At the entrance of the Goat Refinery (below the Birdhouse path in the Goat Village) is a path of tree branches. Follow them to find a hidden Time Stop Yarn.
Time Stop Yarn #3 Loc Refinery Yarn Goat Refinery
(Goat Village)
The area reward for clearing the Goat Refinery. The enterance to the refinery is under the zipline for the Birdhouse path.
Brewing Yarn #1 Loc BPF Yarn Bird Pass Fork
(Birdhouse Path)
The Brewing Yarn is hanging in midair above some tightrope on the left hand path.
Rift Token #1 Loc Pur Token 1 The Purrloined Village
(Birdhouse Path)
You'll be able to see this token as soon as you enter Purrloined Village. Once you get to the area with two sleepy raccoons it will be over the fence. Jump over and get it. There will be some of the lazy paw's gang members before you jump over, so be careful.
Rift Token #2 Loc Pur Token 2 The Purrloined Village
(Birdhouse Path)
The area reward for clearing The Purrloined Village.
Ice Yarn #1 Loc YBH Yarn Yellow Band Hills
(Birdhouse Path)

The area reward for clearing Yellow Band Hills. After the travel that tells you that you're nearly at the Birdhouse will be a small area with a yellow pot. Climb up the rocky pillar to get to some tightrope and equip the Brewing Hat. At the end of the rope you'll see a ladder blocked by boxes. Blow them up with the Brewing Hat so you can get to the platform with the Ice Yarn. There's a punk bird up there, so be careful he doesn't knock you off!

Alternatively, you can take the normal road to the bird house and preform a tricky long jump to reach the Ice Yarn from behind.

Brewing Yarn #2 Loc Birdhouse Brewing 1 The Birdhouse When you see the first bomb egg enemy, there will be a platform to the right which will take you into a small birdhouse. here there are three birds and a chest containing Brewing Yarn.
Brewing Yarn #3 Loc Birdhouse Brewing 2 The Birdhouse

After leaving the first birdhouse you enter there will be a path up to your right. Here you will see an item inside a bale of hay. Lead the nearby bomb egg to it, and it will exploding, letting you get the Brewing Yarn.

(The Relic you see there is #2)

Relic #1 Loc Birdhouse Relic 1 The Birdhouse

After leaving the first birdhouse you enter on the left side from where you exited there will be a series of phantom platforms. Use the Dweller's Mask to platform over to the Relic. There's a phantom wall in the way of it, so you will need to turn of the mask at the right time or you'll fall!

Required: Dweller's Mask

Relic #2 Loc Birdhouse Relic 2 The Birdhouse

Before entering the second bird house after using the hookshot, you will see a hay bale next to the enterance. Wall run up to the roof (watch out for the punk bird) and use the Brewing Hat to destory a crate blocking the enterance to this birdhouse. Go down the path it leads you on until you enter the first birdhouse again, but this time you'll be on a higher level. Jump over to the otherside and you'll find another Relic.

Required: Brewing Hat

Rift Token #3 Loc Birdhouse Token The Birdhouse

After the birdhouse with the two punk birds up on platforms there will be an ice pad to your left. Take it to launch over to where you can grab this Rift Token

'Required:' Ice Hat

Brewing Yarn #4 Loc Birdhouse Brewing 3 The Birdhouse After climbing the tall ladder, jump over to the birdhouse on the right where the punk bird is. Here you'll find a series of platfroms with punk birds on them. At the end of the platforms you'll find this Brewing Yarn.
Rift Token #4 Loc Mesa Token Mystifying Time Mesa
(Lava Cake Path)
After completing the blue button puzzle, you will be able to reach a place with several hookshot spots leading to three large doors with three buttons. Each button will close the middle door and open the other two or vice versa. Solve the door puzzle (the Time Stop Hat is helpful here) to reach this Rift Token.
Relic #3 Loc Mesa Relic Mystifying Time Mesa
(Lava Cake Path)
The area reward for clearing Mystifying Time Mesa. You can reach this after solving the green button puzzle.
Ice Yarn #2 Loc Ember Yarn Ember Summit
(Lava Cake Path)
The area reward for clearing Ember Summit. Stand on the house with the blue ribbons and jump to the wooden pole and then jump to the rock pillar to get up to the Ice Yarn. Watch out for the two birds!
Time Stop Yarn #4 Loc LC Time Lava Cake, second layer As soon as you reach the second layer of the Lava Cake you will see a series of pillars that rise and sink into the lava in front of iron bars gating off the yarn. Simple use the hookshot badge to reach this yarn. Just be careful getting back.
Rift Token #5 Loc LC Token Lava Cake, third layer When you reach the third layer of the Lava Cake you will land on a platfrom with an ice pad. Use it and take the zipline from there to reach a volcano with a platforming challenge. Clear it to get to the chest with the Rift Token inside.
Brewing Yarn #5 Loc LC Brewing 1 Lava Cake, fourth layer When you reach the fourth layer of the Lava Cake you will see some phantom pillars. Use the Dweller's Mask and the Hookshot to reach a large kitchen knife with the Brewing Yarn on it.
Brewing Yarn #6 Loc LC Brewing 2 Lava Cake, fifth layer Just before reaching the Lava Cake's Time Piece you will see a set of pillars and phantom pillars leading away from it. Follow them to find the Brewing Yarn.
Brewing Yarn #7 Loc GOH Yarn Goat Outpost Horn
(Windmill path)

In a small birdhouse on the pillar that has the horn on it. There are three ways to reach this yarn;

1) Jump over to it from the titerope leading to the top of the pillar (pictured)

2) At the Nomad who says "Careful! Some of these bridges are old.", suspended in the air behind them will be a platform with a springboard. Jump to it, and it will bounce you up to the yarn. (On PS4, this platform is replaced by a noose you can hookshot.)

3) Drop down from the top of the pillar after blowing the horn, landing on the roof. Then carefully drop down and jump into the birdhouse.

4) Stand on top of the near by house, and jump over and land on the roof, just like in method 2.

Time Stop Yarn #5 Loc Windy Yarn Windy Passage
(Windmill path)
After using the windmill to get up to the platfrom with the goat, turn right to see two phantom pillars. Use the Dweller's Mask to get up to the chest with the yarn inside it.
Brewing Yarn #8 Loc WM Brewing The Windmill As soon as you enter the Windmill turn right and you will find a small, easy to miss room with a phantom wall and a Brewing Yarn. Use the Dweller's Hat to jump over and grab it.
Relic #4 Loc WM Relic The Windmill

After reaching the first checkpoint in the Windmill drop down and you will find a pon cluster with a Relic inside it. When touched, it will become the last piece in the cluster trail.

This one can be tricky to get, since you're on a time limit from the cluster, and you will need the Dweller's Mask to make to platforms solid. After that, it's probably best to switch to the Time Stop Hat to give you more time to collect the Relic.

If you fail this challenge the first time, it's reccomended that you finish the Windmill stage before retrying it, since the cluster won't respawn until you re-enter Alpine Skyline and getting the Time Piece will allow you to warp back to the Windmill, saving you a lot of back tracking time.

Time Stop Yarn #6 Loc WM Time The Windmill After the second check point go to the front of the windmill and jump from one side to the other to reach a Time Stop Yarn (it looks like a sprint yarn on consoles).
Rift Token #6 Loc WM Token The Windmill When you reach the fourth check point you will be outside the Windmill for a little bit. When you reach the house, climb on top of it and jump over to the balloon to reach a wooden beam that leads to another house. In the front window of that house is a Rift Token, which you can use nearby haybales to climb up to it.
Rift Token #7 Loc TP Token Twilight Path Before reaching the zipline to the Twilight Bell are a series of branches leading up to a chest with the Rift Token inside.
Time Stop Yarn #7 Loc TB Time 1 The Twilight Bell In the first area where the two red dwellers are moving in a square pattern there is a Time Stop Yarn beneath the blue phantom platform. Use the red dwellers or your Dweller's Mask to get it.
Time Stop Yarn #8 Loc TB Time 2 The Twilight Bell In the second area to the left of where you enter is an ice platform blocked by a blue phantom wall. Hit the phantom bell beneath it and climb up to the ice platfrom in time to spring over to the Time Stop Yarn.


Below is the list of achievements related to this chapter;

Image Name Description Hints
Achievement04 Alpine Skyline - All clear! Collect all Time Pieces in Alpine Skyline!
Achievement16 Personally, I Prefer the Air Do 5 homing attacks in a row, without touching the ground! The best way to get this is by going to Sizzling Lava Split, the first area on the Lava Cake path, and use the series of spiders on the right side at the first fork.
Achievement25 The Floor is Lava Complete the Lava Cake peak without touching the lava at all!