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Afraid of Water is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by entering The Subcon Well and completing the vertical climb segment without coming in contact with the rising water level.


Though the task of not falling into the water in Subcon Well sounds daunting, the achievement can be a very easy feat to any player who understands what is coming up and how to properly avoid hazards that could jeopardize their chances of obtaining the achievement. As such, even a newer player can be very observant and have no issue obtaining the achievement, while one unable to identify hazards can have a harder time and requiring a restart back to the Spaceship.


Of all the issues to face obtaining the achievement, the largest one is the very beginning of the climb where Hat Kid pulls a leaver and releases water to start the event and continue the level. The center of the issue lies in how the water can rise up and catch the player off guard before they can even attempt the challenge in full. To counteract such an issue, jumping immediately into the pipe and beginning the climb will make the problem of being jumped out of the gate a non-issue.

Due to how the water rises to cover areas the player has already covered, and will stop until the player moves to a higher location, the potential issue of the water outpacing the player is not a concern.

Outside the beginning, the player must simply maneuver the well's interior without being careless and jumping inaccurately or being knocked backwards and off into the drink by a Spider.