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Achievements are extra challenges within A Hat In Time, posing odd or intense stipulations the player can accomplish as a trophy of their performance. 

There are currently 46 total achievements in the game, 37 achievements for the PC version and 28 for Console versions, with four achievements exclusive to PC and one exclusive to Console. Six total achievements are limited to Seal the Deal, while eight are limited to Nyakuza Metro (DLC).


Name Image Description Strategy Map
360 no-feet Achievement01 Do a 360 flip on the scooter! Jump off of a cliff in Mafia Town while holding left or right. ANY

A Series of Unfortunate Accidents

Achievement02 Knock off all the sitting Mafia in Mafia Town! The player can simply walk up and instantly kick sitting Mafia without the need to attack. There are a total of 5 Sitting Mafia in Mafia Town. Mafia Town
Afraid of Water Achievement03 Don't fall into the rising water in Subcon Well! The Subcon Well
Alpine Skyline - All Clear! Achievement04 Collect all Time Pieces in Alpine Skyline! Remember that Time Rifts still count towards the total. This applies to all "All Clear!" achievements Alpine Skyline
Badge Master Achievement05 Equip three (3) badges! The player needs to buy two badge pins from the Badge Seller. After doing so, they need at least three badges to then equip in the menu. ANY
Battle of the Birds - All Clear! Achievement06 Collect all Time Pieces in Battle of the Birds! Battle of the Birds
Challenge Road
Clear a Challenge Road! Mods
Community Contributor
Rate a Steam Workshop level Mods


Achievement07 Complete The Big Parade without falling into the audience below! The Big Parade

False Detective

Achievement08 Make it through Murder on the Owl Express without finding any clues (you suck)! The player only needs to play the act normally, just without collecting the clues, as time will still pass without them once you enter the rooms they're in. Murder on the Owl Express


Achievement09 Hook onto a ceiling fan with the hookshot! Go to the Mail Room with the Hookshot Badge equipped and hook onto the fan. The Mail Room requires the Ice Hat to be accessed; thus, so does the achievement. Spaceship
Fueling the Feud Achievement10 Get a total of 2000 points in Battle of the Birds! Most of the main Acts can provide high point gains without items or badges from other areas. Train Rush is not recommended for gaining points in this regard due to its generally small point pool, but be sure to get a decent score on it anyway. Acts 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Battle of the Birds.
If I fit, I sit Achievement11 Sit on three (3) different chairs! There are several chairs Hat Kid can sit on in the game. Find and sit on three of them for this achievement. It can be achieved before entering the first act. ANY
Let There be Light Achievement12 Light up the spaceship! Get your first Time Piece and unlock the Kitchen. ANY
Mafia Town - All Clear! Achievement13 Collect all Time Pieces in Mafia Town! Mafia Town

No Time To Explain

Achievement14 Complete Train Rush without dying or time bonuses! It is highly recommended to equip the Time Stop Hat alongside the Mad Hatter Badge in order to make the achievement less demanding. Train Rush

One Punch

Achievement15 Defeat any boss with the 1-hit hero badge equipped! There are four viable bosses in the game, and they are found in the acts Down with the Mafia!, Award Ceremony, Toilet of Doom, and The Finale (Your Contract has Expired does not count for unknown reasons). It is recommended to fight the Mafia Boss unless you personally find one of the others easier, as he has simple attack patterns and low health. Further strategies for each boss are found on the achievement's page. Any Boss
Personally, I Prefer the Air Achievement16 Do 5 homing attacks in a row, without touching the ground! The segment before the Lava Cake in Alpine Skyline is recommended, as it is fairly simple to do this with the spiders there. Large crowds of enemies are also pretty straightforward. ANY
Pillow Fort Achievement17 Find Hat Kid's Secret Hideout! In the bedroom of Hat Kid's Spaceship, where the access to Subcon Forest can be found, there is a big pile of pillows. The player will need the Ice Hat to dive into the pillows and find the secret hideout. Once the player obtains the Ice Hat, a small pillar of light appears where the player needs to dive. Spaceship
Put a Badge On It Achievement18 Put on your first badge! Simply get or buy your first badge. It should equip itself. ANY
Return Home Achievement19 Collect all Time Pieces! ALL
Secret Intruder Achievement20 Make it through Dead Bird Studio without being seen at all! The player must be very careful when getting this achievement, as they need not only to remain uncaught but also to not accidentally wander into the C.A.W Agents' visions at all. The Ice Hat is highly recommended since its ability grants invisibility from the birds' sight, and the Time Stop Hat can be exceptionally useful for avoiding mobile birds if you have it. Dead Bird Studio (Act)
Sequence Break Achievement21 No hand-holding for you, apparently! Never meet Mustache Girl in the first act. One can accomplish this by jumping over the wall immediately to the left when you start and completing the level normally without activating events with Mustache Girl. Welcome to Mafia Town
Slip 'n Slide Achievement22 Slide down a really long slope! Slide on the big yellow slope near the beach. Mafia Town
Small Child, Big Trophy
Earn all achievements/trophies. This achievement is Console exclusive. ALL
Subcon Forest - All Clear! Achievement23 Collect all Time Pieces in Subcon Forest! Subcon Forest
Take a Hike Achievement24 Climb to the top of Subcon Forest's big mushroom! The player needs to climb to the very top of the large mushroom found at the start location of Act 1. Subcon Forest
The Community Thanks You
Collect 30 Mod Rift Tokens from Steam Workshop levels One Mod Rift Token is earned when the player collects a Time Piece in a Steam Workshop level for the first time. They can also find any Rift Tokens that may be hidden in the levels themselves. Mods
The Floor is Lava Achievement25 Complete the Lava Cake peak without touching the lava at all! The Lava Cake

True Detective

Achievement26 Find all Murder on the Owl Express clues! There is one piece of evidence that can be missed: if the player leaves the room where they need to save the pet's pet, the player will need to restart the act. Murder on the Owl Express
Unlimited Possibilities
Play a mod from the Steam Workshop Mods
Vacuum Vandal Achievement27 Ride the Vacuum! Jump on and ride your automatic vacuum Rumbi. Spaceship
Why Achievement28 just... why... ? Type in a naughty word either when searching the internet or asked a question by one of the C.A.W Agents. This achievement is PC exclusive. Spaceship or Murder on the Owl Express

Seal the Deal DLC Achievements[]

Name Image Description Strategy Map
The Arctic Cruise - All clear! Achievement29 Collect all Time Pieces in The Arctic Cruise! Arctic Cruise
Minimum Shippable Achievement30 Clear Ship Shape Without Upsetting The Captain! Complete the mission while keeping The Captain's anger meter blue (i.e. below 3 notches) until you complete all of the tasks. Arctic Cruise
Little Help From My Friends Achievement31 Collect 3 Time Pieces In Co-op!
  • The collected time pieces must be new ones (Time Pieces from mods not completed before count).
  • The achievement can be simply earned by enabling Co-op 3 times at the end of a level, right before collecting the Time Piece.
Prepare to Die Achievement32 Clear All Objectives In a Single Death Wish! All three objectives can be completed over multiple attempts. Peace and Tranquility can be used if you don't care about legitimacy, as beating a challenge after activating it will count as beating all 3 objectives. Death Wish Mode
Punished Kid Achievement33 Obtain 50 Death Wish Stamps! Again, Peace and Tranquility mode can be used to make the challenges easier and count as triple their value if you don't care about legitimacy and are struggling. Death Wish Mode
I Refuse To Die! Achievement34 Obtain All Death Wish Stamps! See above. Death Wish Mode

Nyakuza Metro (DLC) Achievements[]

Name Image Description Strategy Map
A Work of Art
Put 10 different stickers on a single screenshot! If you have collected 10 different stickers, simply place them in a screenshot. Take the picture to get the achievement. ANY
Stickin' Star
Collect 30 Stickers in Nyakuza Metro. Nyakuza Metro
Stick It To The Man
Collect your first holographic sticker! When a holographic sticker is spawned, a message will appear saying the name of the act it's in. With the Compass Badge, a rainbow arrow will point towards the sticker, overriding everything but Snatcher Coins. However, this arrow is shaky and vague, so be careful. ANY
Culinary Creativity
Discover a secret food combination! List of combinations can be found on the Food page. Nyakuza Metro
Life of the Party
Clear an act in Online Party as the person in lead! Achieve the number one rank in an Online Party act. The scores are tallied when the Time Piece is collected, meaning the first person to reach the Time Piece will generally win. ANY
Party Planner
Participate in an Online Party with 10 or more total players! "12345" and "peck" are popular party names.

Since the addition of Vanessa's Curse DLC, "tag1" is very likely to give you this achievement right away.

Party Animal
Collect 10 Time Pieces in Online Party! ANY
Nyakuza Metro - All clear!
Collect all Time Pieces in Nyakuza Metro! Nyakuza Metro