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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

A Series of Unfortunate Accidents is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by knocking over and defeating 5 sitting Mafia Goons located over Mafia Town.


This achievement requires the player to look all over Mafia Town in order to locate and defeat all five individual Mafia Goons in a single run, as they will respawn when the current Act is completed and the player returns the the Spaceship.

As such, alongside the low threat of other hazards present in Mafia Town, this achievement is mostly tedious rather than hazardous, requiring a lot of time and patience to search for all of the sitting Mafia Goons, even if the player is aware of where each individual is located.


In order to make this achievement much less of a hassle, it is important to understand where each Mafia member is located and to remember which have been currently taken out.

For an easier time, planning a route to which Mafia member should be taken out when would be of value. Furthermore, planning from which Act you could start out on to maximize efficiency. Due to its high proximity to targets from its typical path, Welcome to Mafia Town provides a good template to the Goons at the Balcony, Blue House and Dock as well as the Beam and Tower along the way.

A comprehensive list is provided below of each Mafia Goon's location:

Image Details
Accident 1
Located on the blue roof building, easily found off the main path of Welcome to Mafia Town.
Accident 2
On the balcony behind the damaged house. The house is located behind where Hat Kid first lands in Welcome to Mafia Town.
Accident 4
Sitting on the red construction beams, overlooking the path with another Mafia Goon is rolling on a giant hunk of meat.
Accident 5
Found on the tower adjacent to the Mafia Plaza, where the first Time Piece and Umbrella are obtained.
Accident 3
Near the the docks near the lighthouse. Due to its location, the sitting Mafia on the blue roof building will be directly looking over this sitting Mafia.


  • The name of the achievement is the largest of all the achievements, with 29 characters without spaces.
  • The name of the achievement is likely a reference to the book series "A Series of Unfortunate Events".