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A Hat in Time is a cute-as-heck 3D Platformer created by Gears For Breakfast. It follows the story of a cute kid who stitches hats for awesome powers, trying to get their Time Pieces back.

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A Hat in Time
Hatkid photo1
Hat Kid
Mustache Girl
Mafia race
Mafia Goons
Badge Seller
Badge Seller
Bow Kid Avi
Bow Kid
Mafia Boss
Mafia Boss
The Conductor
DJ Grooves
Queen Vanessa
Kid´s Hat
Hover Badge!
Time Pieces
New Color
Mafia Town
Chapter 1
Mafia Town
Welcome to Mafia Town Barrel Battle She Came from Outerspace
Down with the Mafia! Cheating the Race Heating Up Mafia Town
The Golden Vault -
Battle of the Birds
Chapter 2
Battle of the Birds
Dead Bird Studio Murder on the Owl Express Picture Perfect
Train Rush The Big Parade Award Ceremony
The snatcher
Chapter 3
Subcon Forest
Contractual Obligations The Subcon Well Toilet of Doom
Queen Vanessa's Manor Mail Delivery Service Your Contract has Expired
Alpine Skyline
Chapter 4
Alpine Skyline
The Birdhouse The Lava Cake The Windmill
The Twilight Bell The Illness has Spread -
Time's End
Chapter 5
Time's End
The Finale
Dream World
Dreamworld Time Rifts (blue)
Gallery Mail Room Sewers
Bazaar The Owl Express The Moon
Pipe Village Curly Tail Trail
Twilight Bell
Dream World Alt
Storybook Time Rifts (pink)
Mafia of Cooks Dead Bird Studio (Time Rift)
Sleepy Subcon Alpine Skyline (Time Rift)
Downloadable Content
Seal the Deal DLC
Seal the Deal Left
Chapter 6
Arctic Cruise
Bon Voyage! Ship Shape Rock the Boat
Seal the Deal Right
New Mode
Death Wish Mode
Beat the Heat So You're Back From Outer Space Mafia's Jump
Collet-a-Thon She Speedran from Outer Space Vault Codes in the Wind
Encore! Encore! Security Breach 10 seconds until self-destruct
The Great Big Hootenanny Killing Two Birds Speedrun Well
Boss Rush Quality Time with Snatcher Breaching the Contract
Bird Sanctuary Wound Up-Windmill The Illness has Speedrun
The Mustache Gauntlet No More Bad Guys Seal the Deal (Challenge)
Death Wish Time Rift Titlecard
Rift Collapse
Mafia of Cooks Dead Bird Studio Sleepy Subcon
Alpine Skyline Deep Sea
Nyakuza Metro DLC
Nyakuza Metro Titlecard
Chapter 7
Nyakuza Metro
Rush Hour (Finale)

Dead Bird Studio

Hat Kid's Spaceship

Mafia Headquarters

Subcon Forest

The Owl Express
Other Information
Controls pic
Hatkid parade
Mafia assist
Technical Help
Cut Content

A Hat in Time is a cute-as-heck 3D platformer featuring a little girl who stitches hats for wicked powers! Freely explore giant worlds and recover Time Pieces to travel to new heights!

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A Hat in Time Official Console Announcement Trailer

A Hat in Time Official Console Announcement Trailer


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  • Hat Kid teasing one of the Mafia
  • Hat Kid from A Hat in Time
  • Hat Kid on her scooter
  • Trainwreck of Science
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  • Senor Hoovy

    Hey, everyone. I've been looking for the song that plays during Act 3 of artic cruise. Specificly, the song that plays after Hat Kid crashes the boat and needs to rescue everyone. Can anyone help me here?

    EDIT: nevermind boys, found it

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  • I'm From the Future


    This is a theory btw.

    So something that always bothered me was the complete lack of explination for queen V's tranformation. I mean we see that if started when she had incredibly negative emotions, but that shouldn't turn you into a... this. But I think I figured it out. Also this i…

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  • PinknWhiteBat12

    The Voicelines

    April 22, 2018 by PinknWhiteBat12

    Should we add them to the character's page?

    Like put the Snatcher's voicelines in his page? The train Conductor? Hat Kid? The Crows? Vanessa?

    Read more >
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