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360-no feet is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by riding the Scooter and completing a full rotation before landing back on solid ground.


This achievement is a very simple task to accomplish, generally taking a few tries before it is unlocked. Given how trivial the action can be, the biggest obstacle is having to obtain both the Sprint Hat and the Scooter Badge in order to summon the Scooter itself, which can be bothersome for new players due to the high cost of 500 Pons to unlock. However, the badge itself is also available for purchase without the requirements of any Time Pieces collected, making Pons the only major concern for obtaining the achievement.

Furthermore is its mandatory usage in the Act Mail Delivery Service, eliminating the 500 Pons price tag if the player lacked the funds to purchase the badge at that point in the game.


Given how a single jump can be performed while riding a Scooter before it disappearing on the second jump, it can help to have a "diving board" of sorts in the form of a cliff or tall ledge. Doing so allows for ample time for the player to rotate the Scooter in the full 360 degrees required for completion, though not mandatory for it.

Areas such as Mafia Headquarters in Mafia Town's 4th Act onward is arguably one of the best places to pull off a full rotation. Other areas include the segments of tall scaffolding and buildings of Dead Bird Studio and Picture Perfect, the big Mushroom in Subcon Forest and the general area of Alpine Heights.


  • The name is a reference to the gaming lingo "360 No-Scope", a term often applied to First or Third Person Shooters by firing a powerful weapon (such as a Sniper rifle) and killing an enemy after completing a full rotation to disorient one's aim.